Should I get this game?

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I played Phantasy Star Online on my friend's GameCube awhile back, and it was great. I actually kind of want to play it again. 
Anyways, I've heard this comparisons drawn between the Monster Hunter games and PSO. While I don't expect MHT to be PSO exactly, I was just sort of wondering if I might enjoy the game as well.
I also might want to play the game with my siblings... is there offline co-op?

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Come on, anyone? Without any Giant Bomb community feedback, I'm going to have to rely on this random Metacritic user's absolutely stellar review for guidance: 

I have a 360/wii but my tv upscales my wii games to 720p with no hit on frame rate and all i can say is oh my MH3 has graphics that prove the wii to be almost equal to my 360 i mean it looks awesome in 480p but nintendo need to give devs a new SDK 2.2 that supports 720p then games like this honestly sit right next to 360 graphics its that good yes SDK 2.1 indicates that HD is locked via firmware not restricted by wii hardware so hopefully thats something they will sort out at E3 this june wow MH3 1 of the best games i have ever played.

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There is 2 player split screen.

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I just wish the 2 player split screen could be used online.

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I think Game Stop still has the demo. It is defidently a game you'll want to try be for you buy. Just remember the demo doesn't begin to show the depth of the game.   There is a lot, and I mean a lot to do in Monster Hunter.  
I haven't played PSO in a long time, but it does seem rather familiar to that sytle of game.. but it lack a MAG. Did you watch the Monster Hunter Quick Look yet?

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Alright the games are pretty similar. PSO doesn't require as much skill as MH. MH is all about skill. No levels just pure cojones!

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I can't remember did PSO have a lock on? having no lock on adds more challange to the game. A lot of fun though.

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There's a lot of threads on the Monster Hunter Tri board to see if you'd like the game or not.
The offline is co-op is VERY limited so don't even bother to use it as a deciding factor.   
This is also that one game that a lot of the enthusiast press give high praise to, yet gets the cold shoulder and harsh remarks from gamers(GB staff and community in general is  either misinformed or just hate the game down right).  
Here's a thread with a bunch of reviews. 

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