Switch Axes don't make much sense, why not a switch katana?

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Switch Axe is a great sword in one mode, and an axe in the other, but we already have greatswords, and the axe behaves like a hammer.
Why not include a Switch Katana instead? A Katana(Longsword) in one form, and dual swords in the other. I think that would be pretty interesting, not to mention they got rid of duals, so this would be a way of bringing them back.
(Hopefully this goes to the right forum, Monster Hunter Tri)

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Axe mode isn't like a hammer (slash weapon, greater reach, faster combos), and sword mode has its own tricks as well (speedier, elemental charge).

It's a legitimately unique new weapon (imo, more so than the imba dual swords were) that is very versatile with skillful play.
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@Al3xand3r: Hmm interesting, I see that they play quite a bit differently than I thought. I was only going off of the demo, which didn't list the full controls or anything. That sword charge move looks sick =P
Dual swords combining into a katana would still look badass though.
ALSO: A lance that is a gun :(
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Well there are no gunlances but the lances now have counter attacks, and a charge attack like the great sword (but poking) and more movement options.

Insane. Only watch his first kill then turn it off, he fights another monster but ya should see it in person for the first time, not in footage :)
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@Al3xand3r: Oh interesting, was that a parrying attack? He blocked without taking any damage at all and attacked right after, thats really awesome. Also for the charge attack do you mean the running lance charge? That one has been in all of them, but from what I saw in the demo, when I ran into a monster I bounced off instead of running into them doing damage, that might just be the sharpness of the crappy weapon though.
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Yes, it's a counter attack. And no I don't mean the running, they have a charging attack like the great sword. And yes the running still does damage, and more than 1 hit too, and works underwater as well. This one shows some of the basics (no counter attack and stuff), charging is at 44 seconds in.

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