So I'm gonna play Monster Hunter...

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#1 Posted by patrickklepek (6436 posts) -

Ultimate just showed up. Gonna give it a shot, and deep dive this weekend.

Can any experienced players give me some tips?

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#2 Posted by Jackhole (407 posts) -

This is a mistake.

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#3 Posted by JasonR86 (10154 posts) -


I think you're turning Japanese Patrick. I really think so.

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#4 Posted by Ravenlight (8057 posts) -

After beating Dark Souls, the Monster Hunter series has been heavily recommended to me because it shares similar tropes with the combat so I'm pretty excited about this.

I'd say go in blind to any sort of external influences and do video/article on your experience. Then consult the Internet for tips and see if you find yourself enjoying the game more or less.

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Why are you playing so many Japanese games, Patrick-kun? ^.^

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#7 Posted by mrfluke (5811 posts) -

wish i played that series, id be happy to help.

but its probably best to ask the 8-4 guys,

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#8 Posted by jakob187 (22838 posts) -

Patrick, the best tip ever: get a divorce and give up your life, because Monster Hunter will consume you. CONSUME. YOU.

In all seriousness, just go in and fuck around for a little bit. After a while, go hit up some Monster Hunter forums and read about all the crazy shit people do in those games.

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Have fun with Plesioth.

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I played the demo on the 3ds and stuggled with the camera. I'll give it another go, but it didn't immediately click with me.

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#11 Posted by Giefcookie (653 posts) -

If they didn't change too much from Tri, the game is still all about managing the animation times and learning patterns. All weapons have a set move list with set looooooooooooong ass animations associated to them, but this also applies to the enemies. It all comes down to learning that stuff through repeating fights a million times.

As for starter tips:

- I'd recommend learning at least 2-3 of the different weapons instead of sticking with just one type. Lance and Greatsword are good options for that.

- A huge revelation I had after 5hours of playing was realising you can cancel out of swing animations with the dodge, super useful for the boss fights.

- Hit everything in the tail until it falls off. An extra chance of loot and lowered attack range for tail swipe attacks.

- Don't sell stuff if you are unsure what its for, most items have a use even if its not apparent yet.

- Just because there is a big monster you are fighting, don't assume another one won't randomly appear and stomp you to death.

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#12 Edited by Morbid_Coffee (974 posts) -

Being serious for a moment, if this is your first Monster Hunter, do not do the online missions until you get about halfway through, or completely finish the offline solo missions. Online monsters are balanced for four players, and trying to tackle one alone with zero MH experience and beginner equipment is just asking to get your ass kicked.

The balance to this, though, is that "online" monsters give way better drops than the solo play monsters, which in turn allows you to craft even better gear.

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#13 Posted by beard_of_zeus (1770 posts) -

@patrickklepek: I'm glad you are continuing your mission to try out all video games ever :D

Did you get the 3DS or Wii U version mailed to you? I have also always wanted to try out this series, but never have, which is weird for me, I play a pretty wide range of stuff. I guess even Monster Hunter still holds some level of intimidation for me. I was thinking about checking out the 3DS version, since I have no Wii U.

As someone else mentioned, the 8-4 crew seems pretty crazy for it, they can probably hook you up with some hot tips. If that fails, I would just apply the usual "try the game for a bit and then consult the internet about the confusing stuff" method. Maybe try cutting some monsters with a sword? If they have a long tail, that's probably a weak point :P

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#14 Posted by GunstarRed (6044 posts) -

Hunt the monsters.

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#15 Posted by Grimluck343 (1318 posts) -
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I think Jeff and Ryan are going to have to stage an intervention. We all thought it was cute with your Fire Emblems and your 999s, but now its gone too far.

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#17 Posted by LikeaSsur (1748 posts) -

- Learn a few weapon types, find out what works for you.

- Don't get discouraged, especially early on. The game is hard, and it always will be, but you'll get better with perseverance.

- The first time you fight a monster, stay away from it for a little bit, learn how it moves and attacks.

- Learn how skills and gemming works. Nothing makes us frown more than someone with absolutely no armor skills. Know that skills are entirely armor based, there are no innate passives.

- Eat before you go on a hunt.

- Always carry paintballs.

That's all I can think of for now. Good luck, and have fun!

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#18 Posted by Nux (2707 posts) -

Good on ya Patrick. I've always wanted to give Monster Hunter a try but never got around to playing it. Can't wait to see what you think of it.

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Why is this in the general discussion forum? This isn't twitter.

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#20 Posted by shivermetimbers (1269 posts) -

You sould play the game first and then ask specific questions if you were lost. That way we can help you with what you really need help with.

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#21 Posted by Winternet (8376 posts) -

Get ready to waste a weekend. Literally. It's a waste of time. So many good games out there.

@canteu said:

Why is this in the general discussion forum? This isn't twitter.

Flag it, son!

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#22 Posted by Canteu (2968 posts) -

@winternet: Just because he's staff doesn't mean he shouldn't follow the rules :(

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#23 Posted by Winternet (8376 posts) -

@canteu: Dude, totally. That's why I'm saying for you to flag it. This should be in the specific game forum and not in General Discussion.

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My bad about the boards.

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#25 Posted by SuperWristBands (2281 posts) -

I think my message was eaten up by the forums, hopefully I am not double posting.

From the little I played of the demo, I'd go with: Find out how to use the weapons! X+A (iirc) seems to be "alternate" modes for the weapons. The bow seemed useless when I didn't know how to do that. After it seemed slightly less useless but still pretty cool.

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Play the wii-u one the 3ds demo was terrible compared to the psp ones.

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Since the forum ate my previous post I'm just going to say:

Put on a livestream I we'll be happy to help you

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#28 Posted by cmblasko (2183 posts) -

Try out all the weapon types until you find one that clicks with you. Make sure to learn all of the combos and movements they are capable of before passing judgement. It's a fair amount of memorization but not on the same level as, say, a fighting game.

Monster Hunter is mostly learning how the monsters behave then discovering how you can exploit their behaviors to your advantage. A large part of that learning process is figuring out when it is safe for you to attack. It's easy to get frustrated if your attacks are constantly getting stopped mid-animation by a monster's attack, so spend some time simply dodging to learn their timing for each new monster hunt you attempt.

I will echo previous posters' advice that you should stay offline unless you have someone to play with who is experienced with the Monster Hunter series.

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Yes, document the whole thing. In video format.

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#30 Posted by Morbid_Coffee (974 posts) -

Huntin' with Scoops

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#31 Posted by Canteu (2968 posts) -

I second the motion that you should livestream your first experiences.

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Live stream it Patrick,

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Cool Patrick.

My pro tip: it matters when and where you hit the enemy. Just slow down.

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#34 Posted by Abendlaender (3052 posts) -

Hunt the monsters.

There you go.

I played the 3DS Demo and it was so unbelievably boring that I didn'T even finish it (the monster knocked me into a loading screen and then I just quit). But good on you for trying Pat.

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#35 Posted by WarlordPayne (735 posts) -

Stay away from the bigger monster for a while and observe their attack patterns and tells.

Sword and Shield is a great weapon to use to learn about a monster. It doesn't slow you down while it's drawn, it can block, you can roll, and it's fast. It allows you to observe a monster and see what defense works best against it. It can be difficult to deal enough damage to kill the monsters with it, but it'll help you get a handle on how each monster works.

Ideally you shouldn't be getting hit much during a fight. This isn't a game where you're supposed to soak up damage and drink down health potions, that's why there's such a long animation on potion usage.

Stay away from multiplayer until you're very comfortable in single player.

Try out weapons in a safe area to see how long their animations are and what attacks chain to what other attacks. Try to get a feel for the weapons and find out which ones suit your play style best.

Don't sell anything unless you know 100% for sure that it has no use.

I would avoid the bowgun early on. Ammo is very expensive and resource intensive and will require a ton of grinding for money and resources. If you want to play around with a ranged weapon try the bow, assuming the bow is in that game.

Pay attention to the skills that are on the various sets of armor, they can help or hinder you an awful lot depending on what you're doing.

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#36 Posted by Fattony12000 (8209 posts) -

Ultimate just showed up. Gonna give it a shot, and deep dive this weekend.

Can any experienced players give me some tips?

Talk to, she'll school you real nice like.

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#37 Edited by Azurath (352 posts) -

@patrickklepek: Use a sword class, preferably the Great Sword.

Make sure you start crafting early, and get used to the system that crafting runs on, or else when you need to craft items later you'll be in a bind. I'm not great at the game, but it is super addictive, and really fun.

Also, live stream that shit, or at least record it.

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#39 Posted by indiefinch (252 posts) -

Glad you are giving MH a shot, it is well worth it.

Best tips that I can think of off the top of my head

- Use the new targeting function. Once you spot the Monster, tap the icon on either the Wii U Gamepad or 3DS bottom screen. This will allow you to tap L and it will move the camera towards the monster. This is your main way of moving around and your best bet of dealing with the water fights.

- Use multiple weapons to find what you enjoy the most. Each weapon in MH is pretty much the "class" in other RPGs. Sword and Shield is a good starting weapon, it gives you basic attack and the ability to block. I really love Dual Swords, you can dish out a ton of damage and are extremely mobile. Long Sword is very powerful but isn't as slow as something like a Great Sword. Switch Axe is versatile because you can switch it from Axe mode to Sword mode based on the monster or situation. Hammer gives you decent mobility and a lot of damage, but you can get caught in a big animation swing. Try to avoid Gunning for a bit, it requires a bit more precision and usually excels in multiplayer settings. (TLDR: Start with S&S, then try Dual Swords, Long Sword, or Hammer...)

- Make sure you are prepared for the hunt. Materials are generally easy to obtain, so don't feel bad about blowing potions to top your health off. Also if you bring items to the hunt, it will make fights way easier. Build a few Shock Traps, Pit Traps, Dash Juice...etc. If you can trap the monster or buff yourself, things will be very easy.

- Based on where you hit the monster, different amounts of damage will be applied. Generally if you can hit them in the face you are going to do a bunch of damage. If you have a weapon like a Greatsword and your fighting something like a Royal Ludroth, focus on the tail and you can smash its tail off.

- Monsters do have weaknesses, if you use the correct weapon it can make things easy. Example, in the demo the Plesioth is weak to electric. So using an electric weapon, you can take it down a lot easier.

- Dodge roll is your friend, dodge everything.

- Lastly in the wall of text, try to have a damn good time. Once you get past the initial 2 or 3 hours, it will click on why people love the franchise. All of the controls and game systems are deliberately set up in this specific way for a reason. Once you feel comfortable, you can get right into hunting these giant epic monsters. There are few games that give you such a damn god feeling when you overcome a big hurdle. I know for me, during Tri taking down some of the early hurdles like Raithos and Barroth made me like a total badass after spending hours learning the fights.

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Ultimate just showed up. Gonna give it a shot, and deep dive this weekend.

Can any experienced players give me some tips?

Apparently kicking is very important.

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I love you Patrick.

TIps though.. I dunno. Try to block the enemies attack I guess?

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#42 Posted by StrikeALight (1177 posts) -

If in doubt, curl up like a ball.

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(Nobody tell Patrick about how armor skills work or else he'll quit before he even starts.)

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#44 Posted by golguin (5217 posts) -

I was hoping you were going to go to Dark Souls first, but I guess you are slowly making your way there.

Livestream the thing and put it on the site.

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#45 Posted by StrikeALight (1177 posts) -

@golguin said:

Livestream the thing and put it on the site.

This would be awesome.

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#46 Posted by Bollard (7392 posts) -

Ultimate just showed up. Gonna give it a shot, and deep dive this weekend.

Can any experienced players give me some tips?

The best advice I can give you, is if there is anyone - anyone - in the CBSi building who enjoys, and knows MH, play with them. If you don't understand the franchise having someone who is willing to sit with you and explain stuff makes all the difference.

Once you understand the concepts, it's such a fun game, especially with friends. Best of luck!

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#47 Posted by NoobSauceG7 (1382 posts) -

I tried the demo and really did not like it. Let me just start off saying that I love Dark Souls, absolutely everything about it. I must of NG+ it 4 times and got all of the achievements (which is very difficult in DS). Just starting off by saying that because MH does not give you info at all when I started it up. I had to run around until I finally found the boss and then just kept whacking it until it would run away and did that several times until it died. It was a very unsatisfying fight since I had a ton of potions to heal myself and I did not know how much damage my attacks were doing so I just ended up using the default attack. Plus it was timed for no reason. I just think it was really unsatisfying and even though I like Dark Souls which is about not giving the player info, the info that the demo didn't give really turned me off to the game.

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#48 Posted by Jack268 (3370 posts) -
No Caption Provided

Don't be this guy.

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Let yourself be one with the animation priority.

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@patrickklepek: Are we gonna see any Monster Hunter video content from yous? I want to see Monster Hunter video content from yous.


Here's a great site for deep dive advice as well as general knowledge on all things MH, it primarily features a long-running video series of a guy and his gal going through the game Jedi/Padawan style. +

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