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The game  focuses on 1 on 1 battles versus giant enemies (like e.g. in Red Earth) with a srcrolling beat 'em up section during the last level. Monster Maulers features 3 playable characters controlled with the 3 button attack scheme.

Playable characters:

 Character selection screen.

- Anne (quick but physically the weakest)
  Nationality: British
  Age: 22
  Height: 5'8''
  Weight: 125 lbs.
  Hobbies: yoga, cooking
  Profile: her whip-like punches and kicks are strong enough to beat any man.
- Eagle (the strongest Haggar type fighter)
  Nationality: American
  Age: ?
  Height: 6'7''
  Weight: 215 lbs.
  Hobbies: pro-wrestling
  Profile: his past is shrouded in mistery, but his perfect body can inflict huge damage on his enemies.
- Kotetsu (a balanced warrior bearing a slight resemblence to Ryu)
  Nationality: Japanese
  Age: 29
  Height: 6'8''
  Weight: 165 lbs.
  Hobbies: haiku, meditation
  Profile: he has combined various oriental martial arts to become a killing machine. 


 Moai (intro)

Codename: Moai
Stage: Brazil
Description: A fearsome god from a mysterious land.


 Brainy (intro)
Codename: Brainy
Stage: Kenya
Description: Red terror! A gleaming orb.


 Centaur (gameplay)

Codename: Centaur
Stage: Iraq
Description: Is it a god? A devil? A shadow lurks in the shrine.


 Diablo (intro)

Codename: Diablo
Stage: China
Description: Roaring thunder! A demon who summons storms.


 Fungus (gameplay)

Codename: Fungus
Stage: Bermuda
Description: A terrifying sea and a strange life-form.



 Dragon (gameplay)

Codename: Dragon
Stage: Norway
Description: An evil trap! A creature from the depth.

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