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Monster Rancher 2 is the 2nd game in the Monster Rancher series.  You start out as a rookie trainer in the year 1000 where you first meet your ever-helpful assistant. An important element of the Monster Rancher series is that you can Unlock creatures from discs at a Shrine. 



Creature Creation

You could just choose one of the three available standard creatures, but the real variety is found by visiting the shrine. There you are asked to insert any CD and you will get a monster based on the disk that you put in. There is quite a variety of creatures to obtain. However, some creatures may not be available to you until you advance as a trainer and unlock those types. The different ways to unlock monster was to ether advance the plot, use a combine item, or from going on dangerous expeditions. However you could also import monsters into the game from the first monster rancher, doing so was the only way to unlock some rare monsters.   

Different Monster Types

  There is 38 types of monsters available in Monster Rancher 2. Note that these are base Monster races and most races can be combined with each other to create variances. A total of 392 variances can be made, each with a unique name, model and picture. 
*in alphabetical order 

MonsterShort Description Picture
 ApeLarge  lazy Ape

 Arrow HeadLarge lobster with a smooth red body      

 Baku A giant hippo with hound dog like ears

 Bajarl vary rare monster that resembles a gennie

 BeaclonHard to obtain obtain monster, looks like a hercules beatle

 Centaur upperbody of a reptile lower body of a horse 

 Colorpandora  3 small caterpillars that link into one large one 

 Dragon Large Dragon

 Ducken a duck like toy with colorful wooden disks for a torso

 Durahan Tall knight of hollow armor   

 Gaboo yellow clay like creature with big arms
 Galli Floating Golden Sunmask wearing a cape

 Ghost a cute casper like ghost with a tophat 

 Golem large rock monster

 Hare Bipedal boxing rabbit

 Henger a skinny robot that folds into a little hovering disk 

 Hopper a small bush baby monster

 Jill a yeti like monster

 Jell Clear blue jelly man

 Joker a floating grim reaper with a purple robe and joker mask

 Kato Bipedal Cat with long claws

 Metalner alien robots that float

 Mew Small stuffed cat

 Mocchi Round pink bipedal duck with a hard shell on its back

 Mock Living tree monster

 Monol Flat floating slab of Oynx

 Naga Fish man with a slug like tail

 Niton a sea snail with feelers 

 Phoenix flaming colorful bird

 Pixie small woman with horns and fur

Plant a colorful living plant

Suezo a large single eye suspended by a yellow leg ( the same monster on the cover)

Tiger a blue a white wolf with horns

Undine a blue mermaid 

Worm a worm with eyes and tusks

 Zilla Massive whale with arms and legs

 Zuum a raptor like dinosaur 



After you acquire a monster you take it to your ranch to begin training. You start off by feeding your monster at the beginning of every month, different foods have different effects and prices. You than can begin training your monster through drills or through something called an Errantry (which is  a 1 month special drill where your monster can learn new techniques,however these costs money to attend). Drills and Errantry are main way to raise your monsters stats, with a small stat boost you gain after tournaments. Everything happens in week-long spans. So you have 4 weeks to train/rest/battle your monster every month.


When entering tournaments, your creature must fight others to advance in the ranks. You can either control your monster by coaching him through the fight or you can have the battle simulated based on stats.  The battle takes place on a 2D plane, Similar to a 2D fighting game . Depending on your position, there are certain moves that you are able to perform. You press the shoulder buttons to move the cursor over the different available moves, and then you press the Square button to change which move is at which position. Every move has an amount of 'Guts' that is costs to perform similar to mana in RPG games. There is also a hit percentage shown for every attack while in combat. To win you can either KO them or have a larger percentage of health than the enemy does. Depending on your monster, and how well they have been trained will determine what attacks you can use. The results of how well you do in battle will earn you more fans at the end of a tournament.

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