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Monster Rancher EVO is the fifth game in the monster raising series. Monster Rancher is the franchise which allows you to use CDs or DVDs to create monsters within the game. You can then train & fight these monsters. Unique to the Rancher series is that your monsters can die of old age, although some games in the series force you to simply retire the monster and freeze him.

Monster Rancher EVO is also notable for being the first game in the series to break away from the traditional mold, Hop-A-Bout and Card Battle not withstanding. In EVO you do not raise monsters to fight in tournaments, like other games in the series, instead it is more of a traditional RPG and can be directly compared to Jade Cocoon. As you explore lands with a group of up to three monsters to fight with and are following a story line to thwart the evil Moo.

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