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Montaron is a recruitable evil Halfling Fighter/Thief in Baldur's Gate. He can be found, along with his partner Xzar, somewhere along the road in the first area the player enters after Candlekeep. The pair offer a healing potion, and ask if the player will join them in investigating the Nashkel mines. If the player refuses them, Montaron immediately shows his true self. He shouts at the player, telling them to be off, and leaves the area. If he and Xzar join the party, Montaron will show himself to be crass, callous, coldhearted and sarcastic. He enjoys what he does very, very much, and does not like being ordered around, or having to deal with too many goody goodies. He is, however, the straight man to Xzar's insanity, and has a definite practical streak.

Despite the fact that Montaron will refuse to be separated by Xzar except through death, both his biography and his dialogue make it clear that he thinks very little of the wizard, and he rejoices if Xzar should die. Montaron's biography hints that they have a powerful employee, and if they are in a party with Jaheira and Khalid, there will be open animosity between the two pairs. Montaron and Xzar may be revealed to be Zhentarim agents by the wizards on the second floor of Sorcerous Sundries in Baldur's Gate.

Montaron is referred to in Baldur's Gate II: Xzar tries to hire the player to rescue him from the Harpers of Athkatla. However, the transformed creature they rescue from the Harper Hold is not Montaron, but a Harper assassin. Montaron's dead body can later be found in a chest in the Harper Hold.

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