Celebrating 100 years of hockey in Montreal this year

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Go Habs Go Baby!

any fans out here?

I can't wait for the season to start, its gonna be awesome.

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New All stars jerseys and the Habs jerseys worn through their existance

The Habs unveiled their program to commemorate the 100 years of the club. Pretty impressive stuff. Check it out :


2008-2009 SEASON
October 2008
20. Centennial Jersey Night vs. Florida Panthers (1970 – 1971)
28. Builder’s Night (coaches) vs. Carolina Hurricanes

November 2008
15. Centennial Jersey Night vs. Philadelphia Flyers (1945 – 1946)
22. Retired Jersey Night - Patrick Roy – vs. Boston Bruins

December 2008
4. Opening of the Centennial Plaza
     Original Six Salute vs. New York Rangers
     Centennial Jersey Night (1915 – 1916)
10. Inauguration of the Community outdoor rink program (François-Perreault Park, St-Michel Borough)

January 2009
8.  Original Six salute vs Toronto Maple Leafs
23-26. NHL All-Star Week

February 2009
1.   Centennial Jersey Night vs. Boston Bruins (1912 – 1913)
21. Centennial Jersey Night vs. Ottawa Senators (1970 – 1971)

March 2009
14.  Centennial Jersey Night vs. New Jersey Devils (1945 – 1946)
21.  Centennial Jersey Night vs. Toronto Maple Leafs  (1915 – 1916)
31.  Centennial Jersey Night vs. Chicago Blackhawks  (1912 – 1913)

April 2009
2. Montreal Symphony Orchestra Concert at the Bell Centre
     Opening of the Montreal Canadiens Hall of Fame

June 2009
26-27 NHL Entry Draft at the Bell Centre

2009-2010 SEASON

October, November, December 2009
Centennial Jersey Nights (1910 – 1911, 1909 – 1910)

December 2009
Public launch of the Canadiens motion picture « Pour toujours, les Canadiens ! »

4. Centennial game at the Bell Centre
5. Centennial Gala

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Oops.. didn't mean to delete my post. Ah well.

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wow i didn't know that there a team forum, yea it pretty big over here. It start tonight at the Bell Center. It sad that the enter season is sold out already.

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