Moonbase Alpha is out NOW on Steam (for free)

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Well, technically if you live in the US you already paid for this game in your taxes.  If you live outside the US you can just thank us for buying you this game.
Click here.
I really don't know what it's like yet myself, downloading now.

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So it's an astronaut sim?

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@fwylo:  I assume so.  Gonna dive in right now.
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So yeah now that that's out of the way, let's see what this game is all about.

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Dude, Coop. Let's DO IT!
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GOTY. Calling it.

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Can I dress my astronaut as Abe Lincoln? And have him ride around on a deer wearing a luchador mask? If not, I'm not interested.

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Seriously, maybe I'll give it a shot... if I remember it later.

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Some neat coop teamwork going on.  Repaired the base twice.  I can't tell if there's more than one map, but that would definitely increase longevity anyways.
It's pretty fun when you learn how to play, but there really isn't too much challenge :P
As far as I know there's no way to fuck up progress, like to do things in the wrong order and fuck everything up.  Would probably be better on a larger scale or as a component to a larger game.

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Played some today. There are three different maps, but they have the same basic layout, just more components. 
It is possible to screw up... but hard t do so. You only have 25 minuets to repair the base, I was playing in a 6 player game and all was going okay, but everyone was focusing on the more "important" tasks like using remote bots to repair the oxygen regulator. Everyone ignored what seemed like trivial things, such as the couplers that connect the electrical cables or the large solar panels that were broken.  
All at once, things started going critical, and nobody was close enough or had the right tools, so 2 couplers and a solar dish were destroyed. Moving a solar dish makes you walk like a snail, so we had to get the rover and put it on the back. The couplers were easier, just pull some out the shed and walk them over. We lost some time, and we had about 7 minuets or so left... the prompt came up that said we would only reach 100% completion in about 20 minuets. We repaired everything, nothing was broken, but we were still going to lose. 
Eventually someone noticed that the power cables were hooked up wrong.. somehow we managed to send one line around in a big loop, connecting it to its own end, and so the station wasnt getting any power from one of the solar arrays. We tried to fix it.. but we ran out of time. I guess we are all dead on the moon now. 
I played a bunch, but it wont last long, the 3 maps are almost identical, and it is too easy. 
HINT: When you finish the map, you get scoored for how well the team did, you always when when you get the hang of it but you really have to work to get a good rating. 
EXTRA HINT: If you don't like always winning, play a six player map with only 2-3 people.. you have WAAY too much work to do in 25 minuets time, but it is possible, as long as you plan ahead and help each other out.
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@Artikay:  Yea, I was thinking more along the lines of 'supply oxygen to base C while it's still damaged and the oxygen causes it to explode, game over'.  Nice to hear there's more than 1 map though, will have to take another dip.

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