What was your first moral choice in a video game?

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I recently spent (too much) money on getting some old (in gaming terms) PS1 games such as Dino Crisis 1 & 2 Resident Evil 1 & 2, and came to the reali(s/z)ation that Dino Crisis of all games was the first game I played that offered what could be considered moral choices. Until a couple of weeks ago I hadn't completed the game with the confusion of looking for certain keys and figuring out puzzles being too much for my young brain, causing me to be surprised on how well I did back then with me not being able to do much better without the help of a game guide or FAQ.

Edit: The choice being something to do with either looking for a survivor or focusing on the mission at hand.

And so I reform the thought into a question in which I ask you; What was your first moral choice in a video game?

Edit2: Could someone tell me how to "white-out" spoilers?

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Should I shoot guy or not

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I remember there were several different ways to be an asshole in Mega Man Legends, though I forget exactly how. I do know that you could make the ol' blue bomber turn a darker shade of blue if you did them, though.

There were also good things you could do. I think.

EDIT: Yes! It's not much but I found this when Googling for how to do this:

Become Dark Megaman
To become Dark Megaman all you have to do is kick all the vending machines you see until they blow up and/or kick the can into the Jetlag Bakery at the Apple Market. After a while, Megaman will start to turn darker, but it takes awhile and requires great patience.
When you get the running shoes(Skateboard+Hover Jets)watch the TV in the Flutter. There will be a robbery go Downtown and shoot the red car the police are chasing until it blows up. Pick up the briefcase and go to the nearest gate. When you get there attempt to leave. You will be asked if you want to keep the money. Say YES when you do you'll immeditly turn Black. Soon it'll wear off when this happens kick a vending machine until it blows up.(Not just till it smokes)
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@Pie said:

Should I shoot guy or not

Don't leave us hanging.
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@Jimbo said:

@Pie said:

Should I shoot guy or not

Don't leave us hanging.

I shot that guy.

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@Pie said:

@Jimbo said:

@Pie said:

Should I shoot guy or not

Don't leave us hanging.

I shot that guy.

Moral of that story: Pies are monsters and DESERVE to be eaten.

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MGS1 still has the best moral choice.

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Hmm...probably whether or not to save Viconia in Baldur's Gate 2.

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@Pie said:

@Jimbo said:

@Pie said:

Should I shoot guy or not

Don't leave us hanging.

I shot that guy.

Good call, that fucker had it coming.  There must be somebody who was like "Nuh uh, not gonna do it" and then never touched a game again.
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Whether or not to join the bad guy at the end of Dragon Warrior on the NES.

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Pokemon Yellow version, there I was. Pikachu was always following me. I attempted to put him in the PC, but I couldn't do it because of all the memories we had together.

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Sub zero wins..... FINISH HIM (?)

Quandary. Shall I pull my opponent's head off with one hand and remove the entire spinal column as well? Or no? :D

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I think KOTOR.

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The Phantom Menace on the PS1

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Whether I should Game Over in Banjo Kazooie on purpose, so I could see sexy Gruntilda.

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hmmm maybe Deus Ex?

Saving Paul because he's my brother man! And he was right.

Also the ending.

KOTOR was probably the most overt I suppose.

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Stealing the bow from the shop in Link's Awakening.

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Whether or not I would hear Mary Sunderland's tape in Silent Hill 2.

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I made the moral choice to not jump on and crush a few goombas back in the first mario game so i guess that counts?

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I guess someone put it up there, but KOTOR, whether or not to kill Juhani. I didn't know it was a choice, as I hadn't played anything like that before, but know I made my choice before hand. I went there to kill her and that is what I did, it never crossed my mind to save her. She fell to the dark side and she had to be eliminated.

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