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Morenatsu (or in the Japanese language “Summer Break”) is a dating sim/visual novel led by the furry artist Gamma-G and later by the Development Team. This game is aimed towards adult (18+ or 21+ depending on the country) homosexual audiences as it is a gay furry dating sim. The game is 100% free.

The game is about Hiroyuki Nishimura (a human), traveling back to his home town (The Waterfront), after five years away, to spend the summer break with nine of his furry friends. Them being Torahiko Ooshima (a tiger), Tatsuki Midoriya (a dragon), Juuichi Mikazuki (a bear), Kounosuke Kuri (a raccoon dog), Kouya Aotsuki (a husky), Kyouji Takahara (a Labrador), Shin Kuroi (a cat), Shun Kodori (a wolf), and Soutarou Touno (a lion). The game focuses on one of the characters, usually leaving the other eight characters as friends/filler. The one the player chooses is the one Hiroyuki Nishimura sits with at the welcome home dinner on the first day.

So far only Tatsuki Midoriya, Juuichi Mikazuki, Kounosuke Kuri, Kouya Aotsuki, Shin Kuroi, and Shun Kodori are available to play.

The game is still under construction and is in Japanese, but there is a translation being conducted which has the characters fully translated in the paragraph above.


This consists of the usual dating simulation gameplay, reading text with icons of the characters reacting to the choices the player chooses through the game. After the first day, and before the game concentrates on the chosen character, there are several areas of the Waterfront to hang out with the nine main characters (and others). Often times whom the player hangs out with, or what they do, does not matter. But between one and several days, the player needs to hang out with the character they want to date to get the good ending. It is safe to stay with that character every day that they are displayed on the map. Sometimes the character is not listed in any areas so it is safe to hang out with other characters.

Game Length

The game lasts over the course of 30 in game days (but the game skips a few days), starting with the welcome home party, hanging out/filler/character development, beach party, more hanging out/filler/character development, camping, and then the story diverges from the others to focus on the character the player is dating. The sexual scenes only happen after the group goes camping. The game can last about 3 to 15 hours; depending on the amount of content and more importantly how fast the player can read.

There are multiple endings to several of the characters. The game is MOSTLY easy, since achieving the good endings needs the player to pick an obvious answer (which can be once or twice through the game); these being something along the lines of “of course I will help you with etc”. But, for one or two of the characters, it can be difficult, needing the correct answer multiple times on minute and seemingly insignificant choices (Aka Shin the cat). If the player wants to avoid bad endings or want to get the great ending after playing a few times refer to the ending directory in the Morenatsu wiki site (see below).

Getting the Game

The can be downloaded at The game can be difficult to upload, and there is a video to help install the game.


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