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Moroes is the undead steward of the ivory tower Karazhan, a raid instance introduced in World of Warcraft: The Burning Crusade. Although he is the second boss players will encounter, Moroes is the first boss that must be killed to progress forward.


While Medivh was the master of Karazhan, Moroes was his personal servant. Moroes always wore horse blinders over his eyes while inside Karazhan, to prevent himself from seeing the visions that haunted the tower. He was eventually killed by Medivh, who had gone mad; he is now buried beside his master outside of Karazhan. However, he was later resurrected, giving him his undead appearance. Players encounter Moroes in the banquet hall of Karazhan, where he is serving four guests for dinner. As a boss, he is engaged along with his guests.


Vanish: Moroes enters stealth temporarily.
Garrote: Causes damage every three seconds for five minutes to a single target.
Blind: Blinds a target in melee range, disorienting them.
Gouge: Gouges a target, which incapacitates them for several seconds.
Frenzy: When his health reaches 30%, Moroes will enrage, increasing his damage done by 20%.

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