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The Witch of the Wilds

A powerful mage from the Dragon Age franchise. Though naive in many traditional ways of the world, Morrigan becomes one of the biggest power players in the in-universe's ever changing landscape.


Morrigan was raised in the Korcari Wilds by Flemeth, the 'Witch of the Wilds'. Having learned her magical craft outside the confines of the Circle of Magi, Morrigan is considered an Apostate, and has spent much of her life being hunted by Templars or avoiding persecution by the "Chasind" tribes of wild folk.

Because of the isolation caused by this lifestyle, Morrigan has relatively poor social skills, and tends to be heavily sarcastic in conversation and uncaring towards the needs of others. Morrigan is first encountered when the Warden-to-be is sent into the Wilds in preparation for the Joining. She leads them to Flemeth, who provides them with the treaties allowing the Grey Wardens to call upon various nations for aid during a Blight. After the Battle of Ostagar, Flemeth orders Morrigan to accompany the Warden, supposedly for protection. While surprised, she reluctantly agrees, and sets off with the Warden and Alistair to Lothering.


Dragon Age: Origins

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Although it quickly become apparent that Morrigan does not get along well with the other party members (such as continuously being on the opposite political end of magic compared to Wynne) she is extremely useful in combat. As an Apostate, her attitude towards many of the Warden's interaction with other mages - and most people in general - often runs against what is usually considered culturally acceptable in Ferelden. Morrigan will frequently disapprove of more benevolent actions, although she is grateful when treated well in conversation, as she is used to hostile treatment by others. Morrigan does not hide the fact that she values power over many things and is not averse to using any means necessary to gain what she desires.


Dragon Age: Origins CGI trailer - Casting a spell

Morrigan is a powerful mage and shape-shifter and is able to assume the form of various animals. She starts off with the power to turn into a spider, but if developed further, she can assume the form of blight variants of the spider and bear as well as an insect swarm. Morrigan begins with a basic frost spell and other entropy spells, but can learn any other magic skills including healing spells. Morrigan can also teach the Warden and/or other party members how to shape-shift if they are a mage and have her approval metre maxed.


Morrigan is also skilled in herbalism and creating poison and claims to know 'at least fifteen types of poisons' that grow in the Korcari Wilds. While being asked by the Warden what other skills she has, Morrigan claims that she is also a good cook.

Flemeth's Grimoire

When attempting to free the Circle of Magi, Morrigan will mention to the Warden that Flemeth's Grimoire is located somewhere within the Tower. If it is found, Morrigan will eventually discover that while the book is not the true Grimoire, it does contain a great deal of information on Flemeth and her plans. Her extended life-span is not due directly to magic, but is made possible by her taking the body of a younger witch; Her 'daughters' are actually kidnapped at a young age and prepared as potential hosts. Morrigan would be the next in line. Shocked, Morrigan asks the Warden to kill Flemeth; refusing causes her to leave the party. When the Warden confronts Flemeth, the player is given the option of letting her go, and even of keeping the Grimoire instead of giving it to Morrigan, although this has no in-game benefits. Upon receiving the Grimoire, Morrigan states that it will be especially useful when confronting Flemeth again, as she is in all likelihood not actually dead.



Morrigan is a romance option for male characters. While initially stating that the relationship is purely physical and that she has no intention of developing emotional attachment, the Warden can become deeply involved with Morrigan, to the point where she gives them a ring that tells her exactly where they are at all times. If Morrigan falls in love with the Warden, she will ask him to end the relationship, claiming that it will only end badly. The reason for this only becomes clear the night before the Final Battle.

Morrigan's Ritual (End Game Spoilers)

On the eve of the last battle against the Blight and the Archdemon, Morrigan will approach the Warden with an offer. Morrigan claims that if she is pregnant with a child, she can perform a ritual that takes the soul of the slain Archdemon and places it (uncorrupted as the soul of the former old-god) in the fetus; this would mean that whoever slays the Archdemon would survive, rather than be destroyed along with it. The child must be that of a Grey Warden to survive the ritual, and so either the Warden, Alistair, or even Loghain can be the father. If Morrigan has fallen in love with the Warden, she will beg him to agree, if only to save his life, and expresses regret that they must separate. If the Warden rejects her, she will leave the party immediately and not stay for the final battle. If she is impregnated, she will leave after the battle to raise the child on her own. It is not entirely clear what her true goal is in doing this, or even what the child will really be.

Dragon Age: Origins - Witch Hunt

The last DLC for DA: O is the final chronological addition to the storyline, taking place over 2 years after the main Origins story as well as after Dragon Age: Origins - Awakening. The Warden/Warden-Commander/Orleisian Warden-Commander returns to Flemeth and Morrigan's former home to attempt to track down Morrigan, who hasn't been seen since Origins' final battle, but has been reported to have returned to Ferelden.

Ready for departure

The player will eventually find Morrigan activating an ancient Elvan magical mirror, an Eluvian (Elvish for seeing glass AKA a mirror), uncorrupted unlike the one found in the Dalish Elf origin. Morrigan permits a brief conversation before departing through the portal in which she claims to begin preparing for the upcoming changes in the Dragon Age universe (as started in Dragon Age 2 and evident in Dragon Age: Inquisition).

The two default interactions at the end of the DLC are to allow Morrigan to leave through the portal or to attempt to murder her. Only if the player has romanced Morrigan, stayed faithful to her and performed the ritual with her on the final night together, will Morrigan allow the player to reunite with her and depart through the portal to prepare for what the future holds together (and presumably meet their child).

Dragon Age II

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Morrigan does not appear directly in this game, but is mentioned on various occasions by Flemeth in Sundermount, Alistair during the King Alistair quest and by Anders during dialogue about mages.

However, a picture of Morrigan appears very briefly on the final page of Cassandra's book in the epilogue.

Dragon Age: Inquisition

E3 2013 DAI Trailer - Morrigan in an Orlesian dress

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In the E3 2013 trailer Morrigan was revealed to be in the game (narrating about the state of affairs) and a possible focal point of the story, having already had prior knowledge, along with Flemeth and seemingly Sandal, of what calamities the Dragon Age universe would descend into.

It has been confirmed that the section of the Dragon Age: Origins ending which states that Morrigan would go on to infiltrate Orlais high society is canon, illustrated by the Orlesian dress worn by Morrigan.

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