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The town of Morroc sits in the south western area of the Rune-Midgard kingdom. Both the Pyramids and the Sphinx are located in the surrounding maps of Morroc. Morroc is also the loaction of the Thief's Guild and the Soul Linker Guild.

Creation of Morroc

Satan Morroc

A long time ago there was a Mage Knight named Thanatos. Thanatos battled a great evil demon named Satan Morroc. According to legend, the great battle layed waste to a large section of land in the south eastern portion of Rune-Midgard. This wasteland would later become known as the Sograt Desert. Thanatos had sealed away the demon Morroc in this very desert, and later the people of Rune-Midgard built a castle over the top of the sealed away demon. Eventually the people started to settle around the castle, and the town (which takes it's name from the trapped demon) of Morroc was born.

Downfall of Morroc

Ruined Version of Morroc

One thousand years after the creation of the town of Morroc, Satan Morroc was awakened. The castle which was once built over the top of Satan Morroc's resting place has been completely destroyed. All of the residents of Morroc were either killed or had to flee and set up camp by the Pyramids. In the middle of the once town of Morroc now sits a giant crater, a reminder of what once rested there. When Satan Morroc awoke, he made entire sections of the Sograt Desert appear in a new location, called the Dimensional Gorge.

Dimensional Gorge

The Dimensional Gorge is the location where Satan Morroc now resides, and where the missing sections of the Sograt Desert are now located. The access point to the Dimensional Gorge is located to the east of the ruins of Morroc. In the Dimensional Gorge resides many strong, twisted monsters. Adventurers to the Dimensional Gorge can do battle with Satan Morroc and hope to bring back peace to the area.

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