Bug with rating when switching between MK I and MK II? and more

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For all of you, I am trojan1979x2 on xbox live.  2 days ago I got past 1600 rating and was ranked #49 overall.  I decided to try out mk2 for a bit, and played 2 ranked games.  My rating was in the low 1200's.  When I went back to play MK1, it used the  MK2 rating, and I lost all my efforts.  I worked my way up past 1500 again, only to loose the rating after playing some friendly combat in MK2.  Anyone else experience this?  Anyone know where I can submit this issue to?  If anyone cares I'm sitting between 1400-1500 ATM, but again I lost the rating today.
On a sad note, the disconnects are likely to ruin this game.  I've decided to not perform fatalities in ranked games, in hopes that they won't be fast enough to pull that plug, or hit "back, end game"  I do scold those I find that do this, and warn my legit in game friends.  I've beat 1800 plus players multiple times only to have them take the easy way out.
There are some infinite loops/exploits in MK1 that are true to the Arcade, however I would love to see these patched up....(my pipe dream)   I don't believe to know exactly how to fix the issues, but rather I'm just stating some obvious flaws.
1)Sub Zero's slide is nearly nonpunishable, unless you also are using Sub Zero to counter.   Attempts to counter can be easily punished.  Sub Zero is by far the #1 used character in high level play.  Perhaps a longer cooldown on using the ability, or a higher damage/vs vulnerability increase on the ability should be tried.
2)Sub Zero's infinite Throw/Freeze loop that is not blockable when timed correctly needs to be done away with.  You can literally take an opponent from full health to 0 starting with a single throw.   Sonya has similar results at times with the leg throw special.
3)The nut shot on Johnny Cage is pretty useless.  Increase it's range, and/or allow  follow up damage by causing a stun effect like spear/freeze.  Perhaps adjust its damage accordingly to balance the effect.
4)Characters that have not yet landed should not be able to throw players on the ground, especially when they are supposedly vulnerable after whiffing an air attack.
Thanks, and Xbox live users I'll be looking for you!

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This is a buggy game to say the least, they have said the are working on a patch to address the "issues" (what those issues they are trying to fix is not clear). Sadly I don't think they will be able to restore your rank. 

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Here is an update on this.  I rebuilt my rating, and I'm up past 1900 now, peaked @ rank 16 on mk1.  I went and played a ranked game of both mk2 and umk3.  After winning it copied my mk1 rating to both games, even though until that point I had never played a ranked umk3 game, and only 2 ranked mk2 games.  Disconnects are a huge problem still.  I basically can't play someone past 1500 without them dropping, and then sometimes they still do.

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