Screenshots of canceled Mortal Kombat HD Arcade Kollection

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As you may or may not know, originally Warner Bros was going to reshoot the 2D Mortal Kombat arcade games with new actors so they kould release true HD versions of the games, since the original assets weren't shot in HD. This release was later kanceled, and Warner Bros decided to upscale the three games and release the kollection as an XBLA/PSN download. Artist John Montenegro recently released some screenshots of his work on the kanceled retail kollection, which also showcases some of the new actors they had shot. Looking at these screenshots, you might be able to see why they decided to just upscale the original games instead.

Rather than stack a bunch of giant images in this topic, I uploaded them to the game's image page, or you kan view them on John Montenegro's site.

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wow...its like Warner brothers dont even want our money...
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More like Kanceled! See what I did there?

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It was cancelled? When? I didn't hear this news. That sucks.

EDIT: Ah, I see, they're still releasing it, but just upscaling the original assets rather than reshooting everything in HD. Ah.

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Makes sense if you look at the Pics. Part of the appeal of the original was that the slightly blurry sprites made it less corny and more well...kombatish.

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yeah, the HD Collection is canceled... not trying to sound mean, but I don't think those look better than the original anyways, but HD is always nice I suppose.

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@xhavoc86: I think they look better by virtue of the fact that they're using high definition cameras to shoot and capture everything. 
I also like legless Kano in that one picture. Haha.
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@SlashseveN303:  You tried too hard to be funny, and fell flat on your face. I think that's what you just did there.
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The HD looks super weird, but I would have preferred an HD collection where we could toggle to the original SD with a single button press (like Monkey Island SE, or the upcoming Halo Anniversary).

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The original photos weren't taken in HD?

weren't they shot on FILM?

Correct me if i'm wrong, but can't film be digitally converted to a high resolution digital photo?

well, that is... if the original negatives are still lying around somewhere. Who knows what happened to them? Somebody call up Ed Boon :P

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Dang, that's pretty depressing. Looks like they would've done the original games quite a bit of justice. I just bought the compilation and I think it's pretty good but it's nothing compared to what that would've been.

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I wouldn't call it cancelled, but the MKAK is MKHD just stripped of the newer graphics. Keep in mind that those images are supposed to be concept art, how the game actually came together could likely be a whole other animal and likely led to it's cancellation.

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