So.... how do I get good at these games?

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On a whim, I decided to buy this kollection just to remember what very little MK I've played. Now I seem to hit a real wall in any of the three games. Any advice to someone who's never played the arcade versions? My only history with this series is MK2 on SNES and maybe Game Boy MK2 and 3.

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Like any fighting game; practice, watch videos of good players and memorize combos and special moves.
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Something to keep in mind if you get really frustrated - don't be afraid to turn the difficulty down. This is a collection of Midway 90's arcade games, which are basically going to "cheat" to beat you so you have to keep putting quarters in, Even good MK players can have a tremendous amount of difficulty if the AI decides it doesn't want to lose. You can either find an exploit in the AI (ie a move it'll fall for over and over like Mileena's dropkick in MK2), or start over on a lower difficulty.

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Use more skill.

Thank you and goodnight!

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Yeah, don't be frustrated if you struggle against the AI. The AI is HORRIBLE in these games. Punishing and mind-reading.

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@KaneRobot: Wow, so I'm not crazy for thinking the A.I. is cheating? I usually get slaughtered repeatedly about 2-3 matches into the ladder. Thanks for the tip about the difficulty settings. I guess the ideal solution would be to play more online, but that's clearly a problem too.

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Screw this kollection and get into MK9 instead.

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I won a couple of matches online in the latest release. I would guess that I won because I'm good, but apparently using the same tricks over and over again is not being good. As my inbox later showed.

If I'm that easy to anticipate use it against me! Just sayin...

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Play them a lot.

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MK2 is the worst. The AI is a real cheating motherfucker.

And no matter what you set the machine to, very easy or very hard, on the 3rd fight of the ladder the difficulty changes to very hard, and it will read your inputs/throw you out of attacks repeatedly.

Best thing to do is find some ways to glitch the AI like the Jax jump back, jump forward, air throw. Even then it's not guaranteed.

The worst is the way the CPU can just throw you at any time - during a sweep, during an uppercut, during a high punch, during anything.

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