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More Kontent Than You Could Imagine 0

Mortal Kombat Deception is the sixth original fighting game in the MK franchise.  Although Mortal Kombat has been one of the most beloved (and hated for separate reasons) franchises in all of gaming, it has certainly had it's ups and downs from each game to the next.  Many gamers believe that MKII was the pinnacle.  It was leaps and bounds better than the original, and instead of improving on II, 3 just seemed goofy and the combo system was too complex for the casual fan.  MK4 was the first...

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The new game modes don't make up for the same old boring kombat. 0

Mortal Kombat: Deadly Alliance was released to pretty good reviews and decent sales. So it's not surprising that Mortal Kombat: Deception doesn't mess with MK:DA's successful formula too much. Rather, Deception adds onto what Dark Alliance began by introducing a host of new game types, characters, and a very long quest mode. I didn't like MK:DA's fighting. It was stiff, shallow, and generally not fun. Deception retains the same fighting engine, but it does make a couple of improvements. The fir...

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One of the best Fighting games 0

Mortal Kombat Is One Of the best fighting games on the Ps2. it would not be MK with Out brutal violence and deception does not dissapoint on this factor. The only problem with this game is the characters they is not that many of them in this game. They Have Brought in a new game modes called puzzle kombat which is tetris with an evil MK twist to it and the other is chess kombat which also delivers an evil twist. The Story line is about this young warrior called shujinko which is trained with man...

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Yeah best fighting game ever ! 0

After Deadlly Alliance .Here it was Deception released to be one of the most epic fighting games ever .Should I start with thebackground or the death traps or even the styles of fighting game .The gameplay ios just like MKDA but with manu new features .Konquest mode is just epic and well designed .It is very much better than any other fighting game outside there ...

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