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Character select screen.
Character select screen.

Mortal Kombat Gold was a Sega Dreamcast launch title that was essentially a port of Mortal Kombat 4. It contained all the features from the Nintendo 64 version of MK4 as well as the PlayStation version. The Dreamcast version of Mortal Kombat 4 followed the same storyline as Mortal Kombat 4, and the only differences were the addition of new characters and endings. The visuals were also in higher resolution than the arcade version. Some of the recurring characters (Kitana, Sektor, Baraka) have exatly the same fatalities as the players seen in Mortal Kombat 2,3 and UMK, while others have them altered. Cyrax has his MK3 self destruct fatality but the helicopter is replaced by Smoke's armageddon (where he Earth explodes). Mileena - while left with nail spit - is given a sai throw, which has exactly the same effect on the opponent. Finally, Kung Lao is left with his hat decapitation (although its not necessary to control the hat anymore) but the excellent MK2 cut-in-half fatality is taken away. Instead he performs a hat throw that removes the opponents head and torso (similar to Jarek's laser beam fatality).


Despite receiving criticism from many game review sites, including a controversial score of 5.0/10 from Giant Bomb's own Jeff Gerstmann , Mortal Kombat Gold was appreciated by fans of the series and is regarded as the best console version of MK4. However, fans were critical of Cyrax's bomb glitch ( i.e. side stepping only once made them harmless) and also noted that Kung Lao was missing his signature hat throw. There were also complaints that the Dreamcast controller was poorly designed for fighting games in general.

Gold Edition Changes

New Characters

Sektor's flamethrower.
Sektor's flamethrower.

All these new characters had new corresponding FMV endings to go along with their introduction. The game also features some new stages and a new weapon selection mechanism. The game featured updated graphics that were very similar to the arcade version.

There are two versions of the game. The original version had a gold disc decal. The second version had a lot of bug fixes and had a red disc decal.

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Belokk was a character that was designed to be an all-new fighter for Mortal Kombat Gold. He was seen in some screenshots in an issue of Game Informer magazine, he presence accidentally leaked by the port's developer Eurocom, although Midway were not yet ready to reveal him. Ultimately, Belokk was never in the finished game, allegedly due to not being able to finish him before the Dreamcast (and by extension, the game)'s release.

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