sepultallica86's Mortal Kombat II (Genesis) review

Finish Him!

Blood and gore is all you need in Mortal Kombat II. The gameplay in this game is pretty much identical from the first Mortal Kombat, with some fatality changes. Also with twice the characters introducing awesome characters too. You can pull of moves and specials to drain your opponents health, and then finish him off with a fatality full of blood. The graphics for this game is alright, but its the gameplay that really puts this game where its at. And the gameplay is very good, and also very addicting, you will not be able to stop playing or beating the crap out of your friend. Some new levels come in to play, as well as better backround designs, and similar music as well as new music that brings the fight to a new level.
The single player is basically the same as the first game, but has some new bosses introduced. There is plenty more to be said about MK II, but just go play the game, you will love it. The Genesis version has blood, and tons of it, but not the SNES version.

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