MK3 Fan VS New MK? Should they go back to old school?

#1 Posted by grievous113 (51 posts) -

Man they have made many MK games since the SNES days havent they? I really hope that this new chapter in the MK series is good! I loved the 2D fighting system and I am unsure about thie new one. Should they go back to old school or what?

#2 Posted by Guzzzyla (2 posts) -

i think that they could do something Like street fighter 4 that would be the shiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii?

#3 Posted by Forgotten (2 posts) -

Its good to see that they've added something (the 3 extra modes i.e. klose combat) but they took away fatalities will it really be the same without them? Old school was definately the best with the finishing moves that you could just laugh at when you smashed someone into a million pieces or ate them with a beastiality, as the article said there will be finishers but what are the DC characters going to do? The flash will propbably just go really really fast while pummelling the other guy in the the floor, to be fair that doesn't sound too bad but still its not the same. Old School was simple, effective and made them millions why change a good thing.

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