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Mortal Kombat back to form


The story in MK vs DC is straight from a B-movie. The basic plot is the DC and MK worlds are colliding thanks to a mess up by Superman and Raiden. This ends up with a lot of fighting in an experience that should take between 6-9 hours. The acting is fine and the parallels between the two sides are well thought out e.g. Quan Chi and Lex Luther as the guys who you shouldn’t trust .  

What? I can fight?

I would like to point out the joker’s brilliant impression of William Shatner in the dc story.


MK v DC has two main difficulties the difficulty in story mode and the one for arcade. And from what I have played of the game there is no way to change the story mode’s difficulty and it gets hard. For example the first guy you play as in the DC story is The Flash now this wasn’t so hard and after his four or so fights you get to be Batman in his fourth fight I lost once and then won, after that it is wonder woman (if I remember correctly) now on her third fight I lost once the won in the fourth I lost twice then won, the same then happened with The Green Lantern, Captain Marvel, Lex Luther and Superman but it was getting worse and worse until when starting off as Superman I started to not care about the fights until the second loss had come by.  The same thing then happened after I lowered the difficulty and started the other story.

No i don't want a hug

The rest of the game is just fine easy is easy normal is normal and hard is you’ve guessed it hard. The Kombo mode could have done with a timer something to help you get the combos down but it is fine.

The Gameplay Experience

Fighting Mechanics

The fighting is the correct blend between all the past Mortal Kombats gone are the styles that have plagued the past three games but back is the feel of a 2D game. There are still the Kombo Breakers from the last two games but now you have to get quite beaten up to get them, the rage mode (which you can use if you save two Kombo Breakers) while seems useful is quite pointless.


The game is best played with the bass up the hits from punches and kicks sound nice and heavy, but you can tell that they used a lot from past games be it Raiden’s gibberish while Flying through the air or Scorpion’s shout of “get over here”. Sadly during a fight there little in the way of music to be heard which can make the game feel empty.

Hey look it's deadpool!!! No Wait thats Deathstroke

Final Thoughts

In all despite the annoying things about the game i loved my time with MK vs DC and i will be playing for a long time.

P.S i will add a review of the online after getting to play it abit more.

Posted by RE_Player

Very informative review. For a Mortal Kombat fan who hated the recent editions, like Armageddon, would you recommend this game? Also, do the DC feel forced into the universe or do they fit in with the MK characters?

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if you like Mortal Kombat in anyway get it the fighting is solid and wll be perfect framework for the next game.
the dc side doesn't feel forced but the ending is there to blatantly have a sequel if the game sells well.

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