Cassie Cage

Cassie is the daughter of series regulars and survivors of the events of Mortal Kombat (2011), Johnny Cage and Sonya Blade.


  • Air Power Slam - ...
  • Take Down - ...


  • Air Akimbo - ...
  • Nut Kracker - ...

Spec Ops

  • Air Assault - ...
  • The American Way - ...


Half insect, half human female making her debut in MKX.

Brood Mother (Trap)

  • Bug Blast - ...
  • Krawler - Locks down opponents in a vulnerable state.
  • Physical/Costume Change: D'vorah's hood is removed.

Swarm Queen (Zoning)

  • Vortex Swarm - Lifts opponents into the air.
  • Wasp Grenade - An explosive that knocks the opponent down.
  • Physical/Costume Change: Insects are seen flying around D'vorah.

Venomous (Rushdown)

  • Bug Burst - A poison DoT and attacks do more chip damage.
  • Ovipositor - ...
  • Physical/Costume Change: A green substance is protruding out of D'vorah's hands and legs.


A duo that functions as one unit; a lumbering monster and a diminutive fighter who rides and attacks from atop.


  • Torr is empowered, but Ferra does not participate.


  • Pain and Gain - ...


  • The Boss Toss - ...
  • Little Kutter - ...
  • Increases any damage done by Ferra.


The Prince of Shokan and Outworld's champion of Mortal Kombat for 9 generations. Had it not been for Liu Kang, Goro's 10th victory would've resulted in Shao Kahn's successful conquest of EarthRealm.

Goro is a pre-order exclusive character for MKX.


The mortal enemy of Sonya Blade and leader of the Black Dragon crime syndicate, an honorless off-shoot of the Red Dragon clan. Kano has aged but his cybernetic enhancements make him all the more deadly.

Cutthroat (Rushdown)

  • Physical/Costume Change: Kano's Cybernetic equipment emits a red glow, knifes removed.

Cybernetic (Zoning)

  • Physical/Costume Change: Kano's Cybernetic equipment emits a yellow glow.

Commando (Grappler)

  • Physical/Costume Change: Kano's Cybernetic equipment emits a green glow.

Kotal Kahn

After the death of Shao Kahn (no relation), Kotal Kahn captured control of Outworld and now reigns as Emperor. He wields a Macuahuitl, which is a sword-like weapon of ancient Aztec design.

Blood God

  • Totems - Blood, Crystal, and Obsidian.
  • Physical/Costume Change: Kotal's Tribal tattoos and Inscriptions glow a diabolical shade of red.

Sun God

  • Soul Scorch - ...
  • Sun God Choke - ...
  • Physical/Costume Change: Kotal's Tribal Tattoos glow an eerie aqua shade of blue.

War God

  • Macuahuitl-based attacks.
  • Physical/Costume Change: Kotal's Tribal Tattoos glow incandescent shade of yellow.

Quan Chi

An evil sorcerer of the NetherRealm, Quan Chi's necromancer powers have allowed him to build an army of dead EarthRealm warriors from Mortal Kombat (2011).


Warlock (Rushdown)



God of Thunder and appointed Protector of EarthRealm. After successfully averting Armageddon, Raiden returns to fend off threats to humanity.

Displacer (Zoning)

  • Teleportation based.
  • Physical/Costume Change: Lightning protruding from Raiden's hands.

Storm Lord (Trap)

  • Lightning Traps.
  • Physical/Costume Change: Lightning is seen pulsating around Raiden's body.

Thunder God (Rushdown)

  • Electrocution combos.
  • Physical/Costume Change: Raiden's Hat is altered to a steel variant with glowing symbols and lightning.


Formerly known as the human Hanzo Hasashi of Japan's Shirai Ryu ninja clan, Scorpion rose from the dead as a Netherrealm spectre to avenge the death of his family and clan.


  • Demon Fire - ...
  • Flame Aura - ...
  • Hell Ball - ...


  • Summons a demonic minion to assist.



A mysterious ice-wielding assassin whose true identity is unknown. Ties to the previous two Sub-Zeros (Bi Han and Kuai Liang) are unknown as well, but he does bear the Lin Kuei clan logo on his left breast.

Cyromancer (Rushdown)

  • Summons ice weapons for increased combo potential and damage. These include hammers, swords and daggers.
  • Physical/Costume Change: Sub-Zero's skin emits an icy blue aura, in conjunction to his abilities.

Grand Master (Trap)

  • Ice Clone - Usable as both a instant freeze trap and a projectile to throw at opponents.
  • Physical/Costume Change: Adds a Lin Kuei medallion which is seen on Sub-Zero's upper right torso.

Unbreakable (Turtling)

  • Barrier of Frost - Reduces chip damage.
  • Frozen Aura - Freezes opponents in place.
  • Physical/Costume Change: Sub-zero's mask is covered in a layer of ice.

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