Can't seem to do it in 2 player versus.(POTENTIAL SPOILER)

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#2 Posted by EuanDewar (5117 posts) -

You sure you're doing everything right? You're not blocking are you?

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@EuanDewar:  Ya, i'm pretty sure i'm entering the right commands. To make matters worst, I just this second tried it in versus mode to no avail. I then immediately started a single player ladder against the cpu and pull it off first try. I hope MK isn't trolling me lol.
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I've done all of them in 2 Player versus so I know it works. Be sure you are not blocking any attacks (you can still hit block for X-rays, Enhanced Moves, etc)  but you can't block any attacks in the winning round of the game.  Just jump to far away and do it really fast. 

#5 Posted by EndlessObsidian (478 posts) -
OHHH ok, so if you block during your winning round, you cannot perform it? I feel so stupid for not knowing this.

#6 Posted by mccarron (72 posts) -

Correct you can't block an attack at all if you want to do a Babality, which adds insult to injury in 2 player games if you win and drop one of those on your opponent. 

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