Female Man Faces?

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I just can't help but feel like every female character in MK9 has a man's face. I think its the lower jaw line that's throwing me off. The female bodies are ok, but as soon as something zoom's in on a female characters face it gets narly dude.
Has anyone else noticed this, or am i simply in need of glasses. Or maybe its the AA that making their Jaw Lines look so masculine. Ah who am i kidding Sonia Blade has been juicing since MK Vs. DC.

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@Beaudacious said:

I just can't help but feel like every feel male character in MK9 has a man's face.

Typo? :P 
I wasn't a fan of Kitana's face, prefer her with the mask.
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Mostly sonya, I mean what happened to her? Doesn't even look like her with that man jaw.
I mean even morgan webb is like...damn.

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yeah I think it's just Sonya that pissed Jax off one day and got the Jax Clap.

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@LunarAura: LOL, that has to be the official explanation.
@Cwaff: Nah man i like to feel males, haha. Thx for the correction
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None of them struck me as being overly weird. Maybe I just hangout with a bunch of manly women...

#7 Posted by TechHits (1377 posts) -

Thats why hey all where masks! yah I kind of noticed, it's a problem with the gritty "realistic" art style. 

#8 Posted by JokerFrown (307 posts) -

Kitana is the one that drives me nuts.  Her costume 2 totally looks like a dude in the face.

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Kitana's face looks plain awful.
The rest are not that bad.

#10 Posted by Bestostero (2758 posts) -

They aren't the most pretty faces, but they aren't that bad... they still look tons better than a lot real life faces lol

#11 Posted by RedEyesBlueBunny (1011 posts) -

if you look at the characters faces in the second half(ish) part of the story mode, anyone who looks at Kitana is saying in their head "put your mask back on"

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I guess that's why they have ginormous tits.  "Hey, no really, these are the females, we swear!"

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Did you see the header for Starcraft 2 on the homepage here? Now that's a man face.

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For women who spend most of their time being punched and murdered for eternity I think you're expecting (and getting) a hell of a lot.

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Sonya's face just looks like the actress who played Sarah Connor in Terminator 1 and 2, so I'm fine with her face. 
But I WAS a little... put off by Kitana's face.  At certain angles it looks fine, but sometimes it just looks odd.

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Glad I'm not the only one who wants to put a bag over Sonya's head.

#17 Posted by Disengage (429 posts) -

Female man feces?

#18 Posted by SoldierG654342 (1764 posts) -

I'm too busy punching them to notice or care. 

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The MK team seems to struggle with female faces. Go look at Wonder Woman in MKvDCU. Her face is terrible. The PS2 era games' female faces were excusable, but only because you could hardly make them out with that technology.

#20 Posted by Belonpopo (1823 posts) -

Yea, Mileena looks like Baracka.

#21 Posted by ajamafalous (11964 posts) -

I didn't really notice it, but I don't spend my time staring at the female characters either.

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Are you implying MK has terrible character design? News to me!!

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