Giant Bomb Mortal Kombat Fight Night

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#101 Posted by RandomInternetUser (6789 posts) -

Man, that banner/logo is amazing.

#102 Posted by Slaker117 (4843 posts) -

Guess those connection issues haven't been fully rectified... :(

#103 Posted by TheIronYuppie (118 posts) -

As am I.  I'm glad to see the random de-syncs are minimized.

#104 Posted by Slaker117 (4843 posts) -

:/ Guess I'm not playing after all.

#105 Posted by TechnoSyndrome (976 posts) -

Christ, I thought all of these problems would've been fixed by now. Why the hell hasn't NetherRealm fixed this stuff yet?

#106 Posted by Buttenator (191 posts) -

Sloppy programming is nothing new to MK.

#107 Posted by SoldierG654342 (1827 posts) -
@Taku128 said:
Christ, I thought all of these problems would've been fixed by now. Why the hell hasn't NetherRealm fixed this stuff yet?
Because they've already made their money.  
Actually, things were running silky smooth for me until the Freddy patch. Now everything's gone straight to shit again. 
#108 Posted by Tharrington (145 posts) -

These were actually the first desync problems I have had in a while.  Also green blood fountain was dope, now I want to see Cyber Sub's blue one.

#109 Posted by blake_brown (120 posts) -

GB needs to do a TNT now that all the downloadable characters have been released.

#110 Posted by Tharrington (145 posts) -

GiantBomb room is up and running on 360. I hope we can get as many people as last week.

#111 Posted by TheIronYuppie (118 posts) -

Well tried to join but just kept getting the old "Game session no longer exists" spam

#112 Posted by Tharrington (145 posts) -

Don't give up man, it's worth it.  Maybe we can get a blue blood fountain today.

#113 Posted by Buttenator (191 posts) -

Bahahah, I'm getting so many 0 respects from sore losers.

#114 Posted by MKF30 (90 posts) -

Nice, I played in your giantbomb room once or twice month back or so. Had a blast :) some might remember me, I'm GT MKF30 same as on here very competitive player :)

#115 Posted by Buttenator (191 posts) -

Anyone up for this tonight?

#116 Posted by Tharrington (145 posts) -

I apologize I haven't been around to play. Sadly with school starting I'm just not free on Thursday nights anymore

#117 Posted by bcrt2000 (55 posts) -

So is anyone still up for doing this? I had the game since April but with all of the online brokenness and other games coming out I stopped playing MK since the summer. But I did pick up the Games on Demand version so that I can just jump in and play quick matches without having to swap in the disc now.

I'd think maybe Thursday night isn't the greatest night for this though seeing as TNT is happening around this time, no?

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