How are the book ends?

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The PS3 collectors edition of MK9 with the nifty book ends are on sale at a local store for $50 and I was wondering how good they were as actual book ends as I'm actually in the market for book ends for the top of my book shelf and have been wanting to pay this game for some time now but I have just been waiting for it to go on sale. I know about that new one with the DLC coming out in the near future, but I don't plan to play this game online so DLC skins and new characters don't interest me; I'm playing this for the story mode/single player.

Anyway, just looking for opinions from those that bought the one with the book ends on how well they work.

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for 50 bones I would pick it up, the stick by itself is worth more than that.

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@TechHits said:

for 50 bones I would pick it up, the stick by itself is worth more than that.

I believe you are thinking of the tournament edition. The Kollector's edition is the one with just the bookends.

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The bookends are really good quality art wise. And they are heavy enough to be used as proper book ends. The detail in the character models is awesome. I have mine but have no regular ass bookshelves to put them on.

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@TopSteer: good call, in that case it's still a fine deal but I wouldn't lose sleep over it if you don't get it.

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I'm just going to say that you should play that game. Which version doesn't matter, JUST PLAY THAT GAME.

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