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Hello all, I know this is old news, but if you all don't know this practically NO ONE in MK, as I'm sure in many other fighting games, takes their online losses without disconnecting. It doesn't make you a better player, just have a higher number by your name. I take my losses when they come and I don't even get bent out of shape about stolen wins. But I just played twelve games where the opponent disconnected before losing. MK10 in my opinion cannot have this problem, whatever it takes to fix it. IF you're reading this and you do disconnect before losses, go ask yourself why you play video games and come back to me. I play for recreation, I believe you play for self-fulfillment.

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Aye, it sucks in most games when players ditch out to avoid taking the loss. That's why I like it in games when you can see the disconnect value and can avoid playing players that have high disconnect/DNF values.

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Do people still play it though? There must still be quite a few people who would take their losses, right?

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Yeah pretty much, it's a huge pain if you're looking to improve by getting match up experience. I've had some ridiculous lag, which makes any kind of play style impossible, but just take the loss, you're not the only one it happens to so just deal with it.

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I try to avoid people with a huge W and tiny L. I'm sure I'm missing out on a lot of good opponents, but when the W/L is more or less even, they seem far less likely to ragequit.

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@NekuSakuraba: People do play it, and at peak hours you probably have a 1 in 3 chance of getting a disconnecter. At a time like now, in the AM central time, its all quitters. It sucks that it has to be this way, but you can usually tell whether they will by their win-count. The higher it is, especially in proportion to their loses, the more likely they disconnect every time.

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@jakkblades: That sucks. Shouldn't they have a system in place to prevent this?

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@Beaudacious: It counts as a disconnect, which is displayed separately. And thanks for linking me to the forum, I'll join further concussions there.

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@NekuSakuraba: It would certainly be nice, but I understand why it's commonly deemed impossible. Sore losers not withstanding, fighting games disconnect kind of a lot. It's very hard to weed out the actual disconnects from the forced ones on a network level. If you make it a loss, who gets the loss? The person who lost connection, the person with the lowest hit points? Neither of those would really be fair either. If a legitimate game disconnects, it was probably sufficiently laggy to be worthless as a skill determinant anyway.

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I played a month or two ago and it was fine. I had only one disconnect but the dude was just startin out and I have a pretty good w/l ratio. Overall it's been fine. You get the occasional rage message but it still a fun game

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Chill it with the commas.

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