Mobile moves list for your phone or tablet

#1 Posted by prestons (19 posts) -
Hey, want a cool MK9 moves list for your iOS or Android phone or tablet?  Great, I just built one!

It's a free web app, optimized for iOS and Android devices.

You can read about it on my blog or check it out on your mobile device at

Give it a try and let me know what you think!

#2 Posted by Djstyles92 (967 posts) -

That looks pretty slick from just the pictures.  Unfortunately I don't have a phone that can actually use it.

#3 Posted by Moth_Pope (475 posts) -

 I'm also not on a phone that can use this app (though I have an upgrade due next month, which'll change that), but this looks really good from the shots. Great work and thanks for the app.

#4 Posted by Pibo47 (3236 posts) -

Same. Even though my dad works for att. Alas, ill need a 2nd job and finals to hurry up before i can get a phone that can use this app.

#5 Posted by RussianDrink (138 posts) -

Good job, dude! It's a great little web app in general, not just for phone. The PS3/360 switch is greatly appreciated.

#6 Posted by RussianDrink (138 posts) -

Although calling it a "Moves List" web app is really a misnomer, to be honest. MK9 Fatalities web app describes it much better.

#7 Posted by Lnin0 (188 posts) -

Great looking stuff. I've been looking for something I can pull up on my droid tablet while playing instead of resorting to the pause screen. Agree the 360/PS3 switch is a nice touch.


I hope its not done. I would love to see a tab for normal and enchanged moves as well. :D

#8 Posted by prestons (19 posts) -

Thanks everyone for the feedback!

I plan to add more moves, I just started with the finishers.

What do you think should be the next addition?  Specials?  Combos?
#9 Posted by mccarron (89 posts) -

Very well done, I am going to share this with our followers on @TRMK so be prepared for some traffic. I was going to work on something similar just never had time, and yours is just so well done. 

I think a moves and combos option would be good too, but I think Fatalities will be used before anything else. 
#10 Posted by IceColdGamer (691 posts) -

Home Screened and shared. Thanks.

#11 Edited by TechHits (1483 posts) -
@prestons:  so its not an iphone app, its a webpage optimized for ios devises? 
#12 Posted by Yanngc33 (4551 posts) -
@prestons pretty awesome app man
#13 Posted by Slaker117 (4857 posts) -

I like the simple and effective design, good work dude! Only thing, other than adding combos and specials as you mentioned of course, would be button configuration independent notation. Symbols for front/back punch/kick instead of reliving on the default controllers.

#14 Edited by Scullinator (550 posts) -

Very Very nice.  Works really well on my android web browser.  Cant wait for you to add special moves list.  I liked how you used buttons with the colors.  Very easy to glance at and see what button it is.  I figured out very quickly that it could be toggled between PS3 and 360, very sweet.  Thanks so much.  This works better than the app I downloaded from the android market place.  Awesome.  Will share with my friends.

#15 Edited by Arkyris (8 posts) -

Tried it out on WP7 and it seems to work fine.
#16 Posted by prestons (19 posts) -
mccarron Thanks for the TRMK tweet and facebook post!

TechHits Right.  It's a webpage that will load in any browser, but is optimized for mobile browsers.  It uses HTML5 AppCache to support offline mode, and iOS devices can 'Add to Homescreen' for an app-like full screen view.

Glad to hear it's working on Android and WP7.  I only have an iPhone 4 to test on, so that's good news.

Update: Version 1.2 only shows Kratos in PS3 mode and fixes a bug that was causing offline mode to fail.
#17 Posted by Rayeth (1124 posts) -

Looks great on my HTC Incredible.   

I think maybe adding special moves for each character might be a nice addition.  No need to list every move and combo they can do, IMO.
#18 Posted by RE_Player1 (7948 posts) -

Very cool. Added it to my home screen for my iPad. 

#19 Posted by GorillaSalad (28 posts) -

Great site. Thanks for making it. It's really convenient for online play. 

#20 Posted by KimParnage (264 posts) -

That's awesome! on my home screen for sure..

#21 Edited by galloughs (201 posts) -

Oh man, this is so great! Works awesome on my android handset. Thanks so much for making this!

EDIT: also threw a link to this on my homescreen, thanks again!

#22 Edited by Xeiphyer (5684 posts) -

Hey, This is totally pimp! 

Thanks for the hard work!

#23 Posted by prestons (19 posts) -

Update: Skarlet is added.

#24 Posted by TekZero (2859 posts) -

Kamidogu works just fine, and it's free. 

#25 Posted by bretthancock (798 posts) -

Very nice work!

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