Mortal Kombat Klassic Fight Stick

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Hello all,
I'm considering investing in a stick, but I have little knowledge on what makes a good one. My question, is the Klassic Fight Stick my best bet or is there a better (possibly cheaper) alternative for the Xbox 360?
Also,  I was wondering how well does the Mortal Kombat button layout work with Street Fighter?

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There is also the Mortal Kombat Tournament Edition Sticks, but they're 150$. Pretty sure they're the best sticks for MK.

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@Daiphyer: The "Klassic Fight Stick" is the re-release of the Tournament Edition stick minus the game.
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My street fighter TE stick works well enough, it's super easy to customise and mad catz sell a shell so you can have the klassic layout if you like but the normal one works just fine

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@TheDevo said:

@Daiphyer: The "Klassic Fight Stick" is the re-release of the Tournament Edition stick minus the game.

it''s also missing the ability to open up with a latch, which in my opinion was a really neat feature(it's best feature IMO). But to be honest, its really a novelty stick. It does't have quality parts, and the layout is only good for mk.  
If that's what you want go for it. if not, possibly rethink it.   
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Mortal Kombat was design for use with a pad. Unless you are the kind of guy who only uses sticks for fighting games, you don't need it. Take that money and get one of thoes new 360 controllers with the better D-Pad instead. 

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Fighting games where always meant to be played with Arcade sticks!
controllers are ok, but Arcade stick feels better and plays better

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How have been people's experiences with the HORI sticks?
I know they're on the cheap side, but you can get a wired EX 2, or a wireless with the Tekken 6 LE for just under $60.

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i picked up a used SF4 SE stick on craig's list for $30 and have enjoyed that over the controller for MK9.  Might want to give that a shot or see if you can find an SE one somewhere else.  They work pretty well and you can drop in better (sanwa) parts for relatively cheap.

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I've been using a MadCatz Street Fighter IV FightPad and it's worked pretty well since launch, I occasionally press the wrong input, but it's more from me being careless than it is the pad. Might want to do some research though, because supposedly they break easily. I haven't had any problems, but others have.
If you want something for more than just Mortal Kombat though I'd recommend the MadCatz Tournament Edition sticks, they're pricey but they're the best you can find outside of custom made sticks.

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Thanks for all the responses guys.
I ended up going with the MadCatz SF4 SE. Luckily a Gamestop 50 miles away had a few in stock, which saved my a ton if you compare it to Amazon's price. :)
The stick is pretty good overall, but I must say the square restrictor plate drives me crazy. Next time I have some extra cash I'll order some Sanwa parts.
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Just bought my MK Klassic Fightstick by PDP, the buttons feel much firmer than my old streetfighter fightstick (low end version).. The Stick itself has heft, feels much more durable than the SF4 stick; the axis is firm and responsive, much better than the wiggily stick and buttons which would trigger false buttons., not that usefull for streetfighter, or MVC as the 4row2collum is necessary for MK, the fight stick is not necessary for MK but it is fun as all hell quite large as well, with memory foam on the bottom if you play on your leggs. i would say worth it, hop a new tekken comes out soon hahah

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