Mortal Kombat: Komplete Edition

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Just noticed there's a new version of MK9 coming soon. I never got around to buy MK9 and I was wondering are the dlc characters worth getting?

Should I buy the new version that comes with all the dlc characters or should I just buy the original game which is also a bit cheaper?

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I think it depends on how much cheaper. If it's more than 20$ cheaper I would go with the original.

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#3 Posted by HatKing (7266 posts) -

Dude! Komplete Edition comes with the Mortal Kombat movie! GET IT.

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#4 Posted by ShaunK (1617 posts) -

I personally was not a fan of all of the DLC characters. I like Rain from trilogy though. The thing is having the Komplete Kollection will mean you will not have to deal with any of the desynching problems from now having all of the patches that a regular owner would have to go out of their way to get. There are at least 4 of those I think and they are pretty substantial downloads. I would say get it just so online will be so much easier for you.

On the single player side, I had most of my fun with that game playing through arcade with every character to see all of their endings. So 4 additional characters (despite how you feel about how they each play competitively) is definitely a bonus I was happy with. Anything to increase the single player capacity of that game because it was the best part.

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It really depends how much more expensive it is.

If you can get the original for 15 or more dollars less, get the original.

The only issue is online play, and it's just spending about 30 minutes to download the four patches.

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Only really liked Rain and Kenshi as far as the DLC stuff goes, but if it's affordable then by all means have at it.

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