Mottal Kombat Xbox 360 demo?

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I know the ps3 had the demo early because sony had an exclusive deal with them, but its been a few weeks and the demo has yet to be released or even have a release  date for xbox. With the game coming out in a few weeks, does anyone know when the demo will be released if released at all.

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A Message from Ed Boon...

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Probably a week before the game comes out. If it even comes to 360 at all. It probably will but MK has been so PS3 focused, I wouldn't be surprised if MS said "Fuck you". Kinda like Dead Space 2, there was a 360 demo but no advertisements for the game on the dashboard. I hope there is a demo though, I want to try the new 360 D-pad.

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I finally got to play the demo at a friends house because he has a ps3. I'm glad I finally got to play it, but this exclusive stuff gets annoying very quickly. I hope it comes out soon because I would like to play more of it.

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I laughed.

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I guess it is time for Microsoft fans to get a taste of the medicine Microsoft serves every time they get exclusivity deals, which is often. SO DAMN OFTEN.

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@xhavoc86:  thats such a sick picture 
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Mowtal kambaht

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@TechHits:  I didn't draw it, but yeah it's awesome lol :D
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@xhavoc86: Ahhh!What the feck!?He looks like a troll, but I guess it fits.
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@Agent47:  Ed Boon is somewhat of a Troll lol
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For now, I'm just playing the demo on my PS3 but have decided to get the game on 360, since more of my friends are.  While it would be nice to get a 360 demo, so that I could practice with my 360 FightStick before the real game drops, o-wells.  

Maybe something to keep some of you guys going could be that the rumor on the street is that the 360 version of the game is actually going to have it's own set of exclusive content, so maybe not having an exclusive character and demo will be worth it.  This supposedly came from the same guy that leaked

Here is what the 360 is rumored to be getting:  
  • Exclusive Mode: Puzzle Kombat - Features online play, leaderboards, and avatar support.  
  • Exclusive Arena: The Pit 360 - Remake of The Pit III from MK3 (the indoor one with the spinning blades at the bottom).  
  • King of the Hill mode will include avatar support.  
  • DLC Character "Lady in Red" will be available to Xbox Live users as a free download for a limited time after her release.  
  • Exclusive avatar gear will be available for purchase.  

The demo is alright but you won't even care in 2 weeks.  It also kinda sucks with only the 4 characters they have... they should have had all the original seven MK 1 characters on the demo, in my opinion.  

EDIT:  Not sure if my spoiler tag is working correctly... when I edit it, it works, but not when I commit it back to the thread.  I tried in both Chrome and Firefox.  But since this is Giant Bomb, the notoriousness of shit not working correctly happens all the time and I stopped caring a long time ago.  
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Damn, only 2 of those sound the least bit interesting.

If Lady in Red is free for a time being on 360 there is going to be a shit storm.
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@xhavoc86:  Eyebrows aren't big enough.
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@Luke:  I heard about those too, and i would be pretty upset.  Its not entirely fair to give xbox all those just because they didnt get a demo, its not ps3 users fault that they didnt provide the demo for xbox users... as for Kratos, i could care less about having him in Mortal Kombat, I'm not a fan of bonus characters like this crossing over and would gladly give him up for Lady in Red or whatever.
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Puzzle Kombat BETTER be back.  Love that mode.

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Sorry for the mottal kombat, it was late and I didn't proof read the title, i am ashamed =(

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O ploh mottal kombot oll doh tom

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So, what the hell?  Has anyone heard anything about the 360 demo lately?  I'm not about to blind-buy if they refuse to let me try it before dropping 60 dollars on the damn game.

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The game is out... doubtful they are gonna do a demo

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@OneManX said:
" The game is out... doubtful they are gonna do a demo "
I wouldn't say that.  Lots of games have demos released after the game is already out.  Heck, Call of Duty: Black Ops had a single player demo released just somewhat recently.
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I don't think there will be a 360 demo.

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