My thoughts on a possible 360 exclusive character

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Okay so I have been thinking about this for a while now but I figured I would bring my theory to the good people here at GB. I know that Ed Boon said in a recent interview that 360 players can expect something special and I'm pretty sure that they wouldn't have a character exclusive to the PS3 and not add an exclusive character to the 360. People have been saying that it's gonna be Master Chief or something like that and while that could happen, I personally feel that it will be a 360 character whose name begins with the letter K. Kratos is in the PS3 and we all know about Mortal Kombats love of spelling everything with the letter K instead of C so it would make sense to have a character whose name begins with that letter. The only problem is I can't think of any 360 exclusive character whose name begins with a K. I guess they could re-name Master Chief to Master Khief but I would think they would have more creativity than that. Anyways, what do you guys think? Can you think of any 360 exclusive character whose name begins with K?

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You evil genius bastard! They have been waiting for the excuse to trot out Kameo again.

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You could also possibly get away with Markus Fenix or Karmine.

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I thought they chose Kratos because he is all about the dismemberment and extreme violence, rather than the letter K being in his name...
As for whether 360 gets an exclusive character because 360 players can "expect something special" ... who knows.  It could be something else.. another environment, different skins or some other band-aid thing.  Unless they've been planning a character for a while I doubt they'll put one in now, and I doubt it would need to be someone whose name begins with K.  If they wanted to be lame I'm sure they'd just slap Master Chief or that dude from GoW in there, but i wouldn't want either of them.
EDIT: you're better off trying to think of people who match the mood of the game, like Kratos does.  And someone whose owners don't mind their character getting dragged through a spinning metal hat crotch first while screaming.

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360 isn't getting an exclusive character, it's getting a mode or something like that.

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If they were going to have one it would have been announced long ago.

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The unemployed driver in the Project Gotham racer games!!!      BAAAAA-ZING!!!!
 RIP Bizarre Creations

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Come on. It's obviously going to have to be a Warner character that's exclusive to 360. That leaves only one possible character.... 
KOOKIE MONSTER!!!!!!!!!!!!

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being realistic... green cyrax

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@ajamafalous said:
" KBatman. "
Or rather: 

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it should be Fulgore or Jago(yea another ninja) midway published KI so they know whats up
hell i'll  settle  for saberwulf

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@Daveyo520 said:
" If they were going to have one it would have been announced long ago. "
It has been announced that the 360 is getting exclusive content, which implies that it won't be a character.  Most have assumed it will be a stage or a mode.
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@Abyssfull said:
" @ajamafalous said:
" KBatman. "
Or rather: 

Almost went with just Katman but didn't want it to get misinterpreted.
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I honestly think it should be Isaac Clarke. 

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A Halo or Gears stage would look awesome but not the characters.

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@Kyreo: He's not really a microsoft exclusive character. Also, it would be Issac Klarke.
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Francis York Morgan

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@wasteguru said:
" Francis York Morgan "
Yes please! 
Seriously though, I recently read that Ed Boon confirmed that there won't be an exclusive Xbox 360 character. Don't officially quote me on it, but while I think there will be something for 360 owners of the game, it won't be a character. 
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@Scarlet_Rogue said:
" @Kyreo: He's not really a microsoft exclusive character. Also, it would be Issac Klarke. "
More like Isaak Klarke! :o... man, thank god Isaac won't be in a MK game... it would completely butcher his name.
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@HolyCrapItsAdam: Nice try, but there won't be an exclusive character for MK.  Sony did like MS likes to do and they ponied up some $$$ and marketing cash, so this is what they get.  The only characters who would fit in an MK game would be the Gears of War guys...and that isn't happening.
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my guess i halo arena of some  sort with a stage fatality involving the covenant
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Tim from Braid

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I'm pretty sure the 360 is getting a mode or something not a character.

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I'd rather there was no exclusive character than someone slung in just for the sake of it, I'm not coming to MK looking for new characters anyway, although I will say Kratos is a pretty good fit. I'll pick up my 360 copy on launch and be happy about it.

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Dude I hear if you get 5 perfect matches and end them with fatalities you unlock Blinx the cat. 

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It's still far enough out that I wonder if they think it'll be a bombshell or something. I want to pre-order my copy this week but I've been teeter tottering which version. I got the PSN demo and love it but haven't tried on Xbox yet (mix up with my internet cable needing to be shared by the kids' computer and my Xbox so it's not been on Live for a while). 
I wish they would just say "Look, it's out in a few weeks so here you go..." and lay all their stuff on the table be it Xbox content or characters or a tin box or whatever. The not KNOWING and only GUESSING makes it worse because if it's a case of console specific characters that could decide which version I get even though it'll likely not be as good as the normal cavalcade, excuse me the Kavalkade of Kharacters.
Anyway, however this turns out I am going to freaking LOVE playing whoever, that demo shot me from a "nah" to a "Hellz to the yea!"

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@Druminator said:
" A Halo or Gears stage would look awesome but not the characters. "
I think Marcus Fenix would fit in well enough against characters like Kano, Sonya and Striker.. and the dude has a chainsaw gun, he'd definitely have some interesting moves and fatalities. 
Cliffy B himself said he'd like to see him in the game, it's not completely out of the question to expect him as DLC. 
But again, it's only been said that the 360 version will have exclusive content, it won't necessarily be a character.
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Honestly? i think it's going to be a non-violent avatar fighting mode 
And i will piss myself laughing

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So they are on record saying that there will be something exclusive for the 360 version?
I can't for the life of me figure out why they would wait so late to tell people (unless it's crazy lame).
I know people said it's not a character but man oh man would Skorge ever fit the bill - and he's already got a questionable K in his name!

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Wouldn't mind seeing someone from Gears(I know it's been said millions of times now) 
Halo Universe ehh, not dark enough IMO to be in MK. 
I also wouldn't mind seeing someone from perhaps KI, Sabrewulf could fit in nicely. I'd love to see a Werewolf in MKU, they've had vampires with Nitara and her realm so why not?

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Hayabusa from ninja gaiden? i would assume hes perfect

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I kinda thought an Elite from Halo would be kinda rad. I mean look at this guy

He's ready to eff shit up. I could definitely see him tearing off some heads.
But yeah I don't think 360 is getting a character unfortunately.
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I still think they should should have added two identical characters with identical move sets, and just referred to both of them as "Spartan." PS3 would get Kratos and Xbox would get Masterchief. Oh well, missed opportunity.

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Wrex,JC Denton, or hawke. im calling it.
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I honeylocust believe that 360 isn't getting one.  Sony obviously paid a ton of money to get Kratos in the game and to get the demo early, they probably got some sort of exclusive deal.

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@slightconfuse said:
" it should be Fulgore or Jago(yea another ninja) midway published KI so they know whats up hell i'll  settle  for saberwulf "
Fulgore is so bad ass. I wish it was a character. :/
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Not exclusive but I'd enjoy Kookie from You Don't know Jack as the 360 character but just will be glad when it comes out.

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