Official Xbox 360 Kommunity Thread

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Hey All,

So the game is out now ,why not try to play with some of your fellow duders. There is a lobby system in the game which allows up to 100 people in the lobby at one time. If you wanna join the kommunity, just search for the room GIANTBOMB and start playin with other members of the kommunity. If the room is not created, just make one, announce it to the world and hope for the best.
If you would like a more personal experience, or don't like one of the members because Just type your GamerTag in the reply box below and add others who have left their GamerTags. 
 If you would like a more personal experience, leave your GamerTag in this thread and challenge or be challenged by one of the members  to Mortal Kombat!! 
Any tournaments anyone wants to hold can be posted in here as well, just PM me if I don't notice the thread and I will update accordingly. 
Let's try to hold monthly MK Tournaments. I have not thought of a format for these yet but if anyone has any ideas, post them here or send me a PM.

My GT is TJ311 so feel free to add me and/or message me about any challenges or interesting King of the Hill mode fun-ness.

Here is a list of GT that have already been submitted: 

  • TJ311
  • Mt Skullcrusher
  • Slaker117
  • Jeffticles906
  • XenoNick
  • XMcKinleyX
  • anthanoid
  • snow shadow 00 
  • Sanious
  • Burning Vegas 
  • consaw 
  • Kamidouki
  • crapneck
  • II StLucifer II 
  • EvilGreenDevil 
  • Bamsen 
  • murphyjammer 
  • Giacomito
  • mdnytecartunr 
  • DuhQbnSiLo
  • Ghost0fPrdition
  • HopeOnFire04
  • ICE Trey 87
  • Wendell Vaughn
  • duberto 
  • Hadestimer
  • Peculiair
  • Imperious Rix
  • Crossknive
  • RWAUK88
  • Barrock  
  • CH0K0B0
  • MrBrett  
  • wikiwaka
  • StaticNeurosis
  • duberto 
  • Necrotrophic
  • EightBitShik
  • CountlessSalmon
  • Phunk King
  • EpicVandal 
  • Plopperton
  • Keyhunter
  • Fastshot 
  • Gragnatz
  • CornBREDX
  • Bobby the Great
  • zombienutz
  • SuperSmashAndy
  • Itbestefyo1
  • Sjupp
  • Titl
  • JayhawkFilm
  • MrOldboy
  • MrXOnTheXbox 
  • Scullinator  
  • Zuperzimme
  • IW0JTB123
  • Bhouse563
  • UberExplodey
  • Eight bit shik 
  • Slayergnome
  • DazzHardy
  • Psyklon
  • Candleguy777
  • Shaughtzer
  • el josha0
  • MuscleRiderX    
  • Fong Ghoul
  • The Nuss
  • bisskits
  • Debonair Peach 
  • csmishere
  • Sam the Samurai 
  • Cpt Chiken 
  • Wyld Stallyns 
  • DapperGhoul 
  • InTheYear2K
  • demontium
  • UKSamwise 
  • Joker Frown 
  • Manchild1318 
  • Gonmog
  • Zfilz 
  • SteepInKline 
  • Magic Dirt Star 
  • EndrzGame 
  • Marky Beats 
  • MasterDS 
  • LilGRoc78 
  • your fat uncle 
  • annoyingkiller9 
  • ThunderRainSnow 
  • need2sleep99 
  • Catastrofighter 
  • Cincaid 
  • ezkillauk 
  • mastrbiggy 
  • Worst Q 
  • Godly Commando 
  • Mechaflash45 
  • IIChristian89II   
  • Aishan 
  • TwistedKatana 
  • Future Newb 
  • The Random KO 
  • TobbRobb 
  • Demoskinos 
  • devinl

Hope to see you guys online. Good Luck, Have Batman.
#2 Posted by SkullcrusherMountain (997 posts) -

Gamertag is Mt Skullcrusher.  Can't wait till Tuesday.

#3 Posted by Slaker117 (4856 posts) -

GT: Slaker117

I'll probably suck as I'm not much of a fighting game player, so go easy on me. :P
Super pumped for MK though, not entirely sure why.

#4 Posted by YoThatLimp (2019 posts) -
@Slaker117 said:
" GT: Slaker117I'll probably suck as I'm not much of a fighting game player, so go easy on me. :PSuper pumped for MK though, not entirely sure why. "
I'll be crap too! hah

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GT is XenoNick. In the uk so won't get the game till thursday.

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CCFRO, i'll get it sometime during launch day, however i've only played the PS3 version and plan on maining Stryker first so I won't be so hot once i'm in.
Although maining characters is thought to be evil by most MK players, I feel MIK9 is different when all the characters have different fighting styles and only share the uppercut.

#7 Posted by Mr_Faraday (246 posts) -

GT: XMcKinleyX


Im not the best player in the world, but give me a few days and ill at least put up a decent fight.

#8 Posted by anthanoid (39 posts) -

GT= anthanoid

I'll probably take a couple days to go through story mode and jam a bunch of arcade but I'll be up for fights after that.
#9 Posted by CaptainTryHard (256 posts) -

count me in, snow shadow 00 (can't promise I'll be too great, just getting into MK)

#10 Posted by JJOR64 (19535 posts) -


...This is Mortal Kombat?  Oh, never mind then.

#11 Edited by Sanious (799 posts) -

I will have it Wednesday Night. My interwebs connection isn't that great when it comes to XBL though.

#12 Posted by BurningVegas (25 posts) -

GT = Burning Vegas


Feel free to send me a friend request or message. I probably will be maining Stryker and Scorpion for the time being.

#13 Posted by Consaw (261 posts) -

GT- consaw 

Im not that great, but at least I can pad your win/loss ratio. 
#14 Posted by minotaka (335 posts) -

GT:  Kamidouki

Though i'm another UK lad, so won't get it till thurs... and if what i hear about the online being 'region specific' ... then won't be able to play with most peeps here!

#15 Posted by crapneck (164 posts) -

crapneck...will have it tonight

#16 Posted by NMC2008 (1248 posts) -

I am on the fence about the midnight launch. Gamestop called and told me to come in at 10pm for a Raffle and Mini Tourney but I am not 100% sure I want to partake, I should be 100% on board but I dunno...... *strokes chin & raises eyebrow* It could be a trap! :P

#17 Posted by StLucifer (101 posts) -

II StLucifer II. I am new to mortal komabt, so i could probably do with some help :P

#18 Posted by EvilGreenDevil (209 posts) -

Add me on XBLA - EvilGreenDevil

#19 Posted by Bamsen (360 posts) -

GT: Bamsen :-), is the game region locked when it comes to the live part?
#20 Posted by TJ311 (438 posts) -

hey all

im goin on right now if anyone wats to play, just send me an invite.
#21 Posted by Ulong (474 posts) -

So if I rent the game, some sort of online trial pass right?

#22 Posted by BSchneider30 (59 posts) -

Gamertag: murphyjammer. I'm not great, but King of the Hill should be a blast.

#23 Posted by TJ311 (438 posts) -
@Ulong said:
" So if I rent the game, some sort of online trial pass right? "
yea i believe there is a 48 hour trial if u dont have the Kombat Pass and $10 on the store. 
#24 Posted by Giacomito (215 posts) -

Gamertag: Giacomito
game is released on thursday here so will get online then!

#25 Posted by Jason_E_Sigler (142 posts) -

My copy is coming Friday, look for mdnytecartunr on 360. Looks like the GB guys had a blast with the various modes, can't wait to X-ray some fools!

#26 Posted by DuhQbnSiLo (2241 posts) -

GT is DuhQbnSiLo

#27 Posted by Ghost_of_Perdition (751 posts) -

My copy will get here tomorrow. Feel free to add me!

GT: Ghost0fPrdition

That's a zero in 0f... Don't ask.

#28 Posted by DonChipotle (3008 posts) -

I'm not very good but fuck it, it's all about fun!

GT: HopeOnFire04

#29 Posted by ICE_Trey (26 posts) -

GT:  ICE Trey 87

not my first mk game, but lets just say i never managed to beat dark kahn in mk vs dc.
also i'll pretty only be playing at nights central time. 

#30 Posted by smikey (30 posts) -

If anyone wants an easy win add me. XBL Gamertag is Wendell Vaughn.

#31 Posted by dubs (50 posts) -

I'll  be pretty terrible too so it looks like i've come to the right place. 

Add me, GT: duberto
#32 Posted by HadesTimes (884 posts) -


#33 Posted by ThaMilkMan (385 posts) -

GT: Peculiair

#34 Posted by ImperiousRix (3095 posts) -

Haven't played any online yet, but definitely looking forward to it.  Feeling this game so hard right now.  Reppin' Reptile, but looking to experiment.

GT- Imperious Rix
(Don't forget the space)
#35 Posted by CL60 (17120 posts) -

GT: Crossknive

Hit me up. I suck and this is the first MK game I'm actually trying to play serious.
#36 Posted by Slaker117 (4856 posts) -

You know, instead of having to go and add all these people, wouldn't it be easier if we just made an GiantBomb lobby in the game? Anytime you want to fight people just go to that room, and if it isn't there, make it and hope people join.

#37 Posted by punisherkaos (316 posts) -

gamertag is PUNISHER KAOS im kinda a noob tho so dont kick my ass to hard please :)

#38 Posted by SoftCoreDave (170 posts) -

I'll be back when I get my copy on Thursday

#39 Posted by Giacomito (215 posts) -
@Slaker117: yup! that's a great idea. I'll be going online tomorrow as soon as I get the game and look for/create a Giantbomb lobby
#40 Posted by RWA88 (19 posts) -

My copy should arrive tomorrow, but wont be playing until the weekend. Away from home working!

Feel free to add me though: RWAUK88

Yes, im in the UK!

#41 Posted by Barrock (3752 posts) -

Add me: Barrock

#42 Posted by TJ311 (438 posts) -
@Slaker117 said:
" You know, instead of having to go and add all these people, wouldn't it be easier if we just made an GiantBomb lobby in the game? Anytime you want to fight people just go to that room, and if it isn't there, make it and hope people join. "
@Giacomito said:
" @Slaker117: yup! that's a great idea. I'll be going online tomorrow as soon as I get the game and look for/create a Giantbomb lobby "
thats good but there is a chance that non-GB dudes would hop in the room and that would make things uncomfortable. if anyone wants to make it go ahead and i hope to see you guys there.
#43 Posted by Chokobo (1247 posts) -



#44 Posted by bretthancock (798 posts) -

I'd like to be added.  Gamertag:  MrBrett

I'm usually on around 8PM Pacific Time and would love to play.

#45 Posted by Wikitoups (993 posts) -

just got live gold for this my gamertag is: wikiwaka

hopefully i'll be on for tnt this thursday!

#46 Posted by Breadfan (6803 posts) -

Anyone else experiencing a sizable amount of lag?

#47 Posted by TJ311 (438 posts) -
@Br3adfan said:
" Anyone else experiencing a sizable amount of lag? "
in some matches yea. it gets really bad at some points but some are good enough to at least get through a match.
#48 Edited by Caligan (17 posts) -

I'd be up for some KotH.  Still really fresh to the game though.

GT: StaticNeurosis

#49 Posted by dubs (50 posts) -

had some pretty solid matches tonight, this game is awesome, the tower, story mode, etc. really impressed!! gt: duberto 

#50 Posted by Necrotrophic (268 posts) -

gt: Necrotrophic

Main: Sonya
Location: PA

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