The Method and Madness Behind a Mortal Kombat Fatality

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Edit: cool that I finally got it, now let's watch the video XD

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Flawless Victory

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So close.. So damn close.

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Where is ze PC version? I want it nao!

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Comedy is key.

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Wow, this looks awesome! Can't wait to watch this when I get home.

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There is some comedy in the fatalities but when I saw Kitana being ripped in two by Noob the first time I felt pretty bad...

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That was awesome. 

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Haha the part where all the body sections slowly drift apart.

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Is it just me or is that fuckin awesome how they do this

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I've come to the sudden hilarious and slightly disturbing realisation that those mocap blokes probably did the capture for all the characters...

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Saw this yesterday on Facebook or Twitter, I think, but this is a really cool video. Also, 
@Sanj said:

I've come to the sudden and disturbing realisation that those mocap guys probably did the capture for all the characters...
I wish we had footage of this.
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good stuff

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cool little feature looking at fatalities

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Hahaha.  Haha.
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Would have liked to see the mo-cap session for Sheeva's second fatality.

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I wonder how they did noobs fatality...... 

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Neat though I'm more curious about the challenges they faced with the babalities as well as seeing some of the outtakes on the fatalities.

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Now make a video about the voice acting!

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Very interesting stuff. I always love to get a look behind the scenes to see what's happening to make these products what they are. After playing, of course; don't wanna spoil the magic.

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Klassic KIller Kombat... ummm wait, what...

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We all enjoy a good laugh and if MK was a stand up routine, it would have killed!

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Meh, I'd rather watch cartel murder videos

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Seeing "Video posted by Undeadpool" is kinda cool.

#27 Posted by BD_Mr_Bubbles (1833 posts) -
@SSully said:

                I wonder how they did noobs fatality...... 

Me too, prety cool video
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Oh, man this is rad!

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@Forcen said:
Now make a video about the voice acting!
Yes.  I want to hear the "OBEDIZAH!"  and "GIMME YO MONAY" and other such great pieces.
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I like these behind the scenes look.

#31 Posted by Mr_Skeleton (5195 posts) -

@Sanj said:

                I've come to the sudden hilarious and slightly disturbing realisation that those mocap blokes probably did the capture for all the characters...



It's ok the said "no homo" before they did that.
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They should show off some of the bloopers, but still put it in game, so we see the game characters falling over and shit, instead of the mocap dudes. That would be pretty cool :p 

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This answers a lot of questions, but I still have one burning question: 
After Sonya's first fatality, did it really have to look like she had a gigantic menstrual stain?

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This was an awesome video. Man I wish I made video games.
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I love seeing this behind the scenes and tech stuff.

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"just let go and hit my clavs"

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It's cool that Carlos Pesina is still working on MK.

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Lol cool vid.

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 Is Ed Boon directing those dudes mo-capping the Netherrealm stage fatality? That's fucking great. 
 And Carlos Pesina is still doing performance work for the fighters? What a fuckin' champ!
Oh, also:
@LiquidSwords said:

That picture is getting pretty damn old duder.
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That is really really cool, I love videos like this. 
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I wish the Krypt was filled with this kind of stuff.

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Hit my clavs, bro

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Very interesting to see that.

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I like the stick figure fatality concept art.

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@Pewp: Yes my exact thoughts.But for now I will just check out the motionless koncept art.
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Good to see them take it back to working on clavicles.

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ha awesome video, I'd love to do that motion capture stuff

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so cool to see the motion capture for some of those.

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