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I remember the first time I laid eyes on the original in the arcade. I couldn't believe my eyes. The gore. The brutality. The sheer excitement of not knowing what to expect next. Then came part 2, where the rumor machine of secrets, and background gems became as widespread as a zombie plague. Well here my friends is the next in line of capturing that magic. The best, the fiercest, the dream maker reunion. A game I have been waiting for in fighting for quite some time. The very best Mortal Kombat, that not only offers up some of the most amazing background visuals in a fighter to date, but also some of the most satisfying combos and moves I've ever pulled off. This game is pure magic. Not only is the gameplay fantastic, but so is the story mode, a first for fighters in my humble opinion. It's almost the same feeling as watching a good B movie. It draws you in, drops blood on your head, and keeps you glued. I couldn't stop playing till the end. It was the first truly addictive experience I've had in gaming for quite a while, and that's saying a lot, considering the fact I purchase nearly every game that comes out. Buy this. Love this. Fall for the mystery of Mortal Kombat once again....


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