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A great throwback

I still remember seeing the first video for Street Fighter IV thinking "I wish us Mortal Kombat fans got treated this way" (while looking at the prospect of the upcoming MKvsDC). But finally this was announced and I was extremely pleased to see the direction they were going with the series (back to its roots so to speak).

  • My first disappointment is primarily with the Story Mode, which is still actually my favorite part of the game. But when I see all the unique scenarios and gameplay mechanics introduced in the Ladder mode, it really got me thinking why they didn't incorporate those into Story Mode to mix it up and make it more interesting. I just didn't like the fact that the mode itself (while still good) didn't seem to improve in any notable way to the one found in MK vs DC.
  • Presentation and graphics are all look great in-game (if not a bit underwhelming in cutscenes and up close), but I think its got enough style to it that definitely feels like Mortal Kombat.
  • I really like the ladder mode in concept even if i only made it through 100 of the apparent 300 total. The bit sized pieces of unique gameplay give you something to keep coming back to, just wish the difficulty level in them wasn't so uneven (going from extremely difficult to extremely easy all the time).
  • Krypt unlockables were great, and for the first time in an MK game getting 100% of them actually felt attainable to me.
  • Online MP is great, Lobby lets you find opponents at your level...never felt like I was stuck to getting waxed in quick match over and over again.
Please note with my reviews I try to offer bullet points on the random small things people might care about rather than core gameplay, I'd imagine most people know what to expect when picking up an MK fighting game.
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