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Immortal Kombat

This years greatest rebirth of a franchise for me is none other than Midway’s own Mortal Kombat or to those of you who like to strap an instalment number on it MK9. The major bugbear of my weekend would have to be good Ol’ Shao Kahn, not only is he the cheapest character to date that i have played but he has to be back logging health from every games he has ever been in. SPOILER BELOW

Not only is he the most frustrating last boss to ever play against his unrelenting shoulder barges and hammer throws shame both qaurterbacks and Olympic athletes alike. Showing no remorse for our beloved thunder god he wailed upon me with the fury of an elder god for hours on end until I almost smashed my remote and he literally let me win (Taunting all the time none the less).

Another awesome factor of the game that has accompanied my unwavering dedication over the past few days has to be test your luck (2Player). After making bonds to last a lifetime in portal, I was at his throat in less than 5 minutes because i was unable to jump block or dash, where as he was powered up and had a cannon strapped to his dick for good measure. Needless to say he won a countless number of times way in to the depths of the night.

If you haven’t picked it up yet, why the hell not ? It’s fun, fast and at some point ferociously savage. The only disappointment to the game is that it cannot be shared worldwide and my heart felt sympathies lie with you unlucky lot down under. 

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