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Morthal is a mysterious town situated south-east of Solitude, and on the edge of the Drajkmyr marsh. Due to its location Morthal has an ominous feel to it, with its protruding fog and gnarled trees. Morthal is the poorest of Skrim's cities, mostly due to it's lack of resources and lack of visitors. Its citizens are somewhat un-trusting of visitors.

Inns and Shops

Moorside Inn

A standard Skyrim inn with food, drink, and warm beds. The Moorside has a the only Orcish bard in Skyrim and to put it lightly, he is atrocious.

Thaumaturgist's Hut

The city's sole store, owned and operated by Lami. It is an alchemist's shop and has the usual compliment of potions and ingredients.

Falion's House

The solitary wizard Falion lives on the outskirts of town. During the day he sells a variety of magic spells, soul gems and enchanted gear. The only enchanting table in the town is located here.

Jarl's Residence

The Jarl of Morthal is Idgrod Ravencrone who lives at the Highmoon Hall, a scaled up version of most of the other buildings in town. consists of a large main room with a fire and the Jarl's throne. There are staircases along each side leading up to rooms to sleep in and boxes of potions and various items.

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