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Mortimer is the man behind the wheel of Shadow in Twisted Metal 2. Unlike other contestants who are in the tournament to have a wish granted by Calypso, Mortimer instead has a gift for Calypso. Working for the innocent people who died during Calypso's Twisted Metal tournament, Mortimer promises them that he'll win the tournament so that they can get their revenge.   

The hearse, Shadow, driven by Mortimer


Calypso congratulates Mortimer and tells him that any wish he asks for shall be granted.  However, Mortimer turns Calypso's offer down and instead claims to have a gift for him in the trunk. Calypso accepts his offer only to find that it's a trap and is suddenly captured by the souls of the innocent victims killed by the drivers in his Twisted Metal tournament hidden in the trunk.  The souls drag Calypso through the night sky, where some say that he was dropped into the busy city streets and others say that he is still being carried away. However it is revealed that Calypso breaks free and holds on to the wing of a plane and yells the classic phrase, "I am Calypso!  And I thank you for playing Twisted Metal!"

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