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Wow! 0

Each year dozens of Japanese games are passed over for release outside of the land of the rising sun, much to the chagrin of gamers around the world.  One of the most egregious cases is that of Mother 3, the third game in a series created by acclaimed writer Shigesato Itoi with Nintendo.  The first game had been created for the original 8-bit Nintendo Famicom, the sequel (known as Earthbound in the West) was released on the Super Nintendo, and the third game was due to be released on the ...

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Mother 3 (GBA) 1

   NOTE: I had the flu while recording this so please excuse any verbal ticks.       Earthbound was always the odd-one-out in the Super Nintendo’s first-party line up. The gameplay, modeled after Japan’s beloved Dragon Quest series, was too archaic and difficult for a western audience. Not to mention the setting and humor were much too bizarre. Nevertheless, the game found its audience outside Japan and they wanted more. 12 long years later, Mother 3 is released in Japan—2 years after that, out ...

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There's not much reason for Nintendo to release this worldwide. 0

Of the three video game factions, Nintendo fanboys seem to be the most vocal about what they want. Once a Nintendo fan starts complaining about the lack of an English release of Mother 3 or the absence of a Kid Icarus sequel, it is hard to get them to stop. However, what many fans seem to forget is the quality of the games in question to begin with. In the case of Mother 3, the Japan only release seems reasonable, given the overall quality of the game. Unlike the previous games in the series, Mo...

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Itoi's Crowning Work of Genius (LONG!) 0

Originally posted on my blog. Wallpaper courtesy Pet-Shop on DeviantArt Ruminations on video games as an art form – this could very well become a Mother 3 review. There will be spoilers here. Seriously, don’t read it if you want to play Mother 3 and not have the plot spoiled. There’s a trite comparison that floats around the internet almost every month that always gets my eyes rolling. Inevitably, someone will call such-and-such the Citizen Kane of video games or ask what the C...

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An excellent sequel that brings back fond memories of Earthbound. 0

Mother 3 was a game many Earthbound (Mother 2 in Japan) fans never expected to see on our shores.  It started out as a project for the N64 over a decade ago, then it was moved to the ill-fated N64 disk add-on, the 64DD, and finally, it was cancelled.  Several years later, it reemerged as a GBA title.  When fans first heard about it, they immediately started petitions to urge Nintendo to release the game in the U.S.  Nintendo considered Earthbound to be a sales failure in the U.S., so they would ...

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