Why is Nintendo allowed to get away with this?

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If Microsoft shipped the 360, or Sony the PS3, with huge dead zones in their analog sticks, and then released the "true" controllers almost 2 years later, gamers and consumers in general would be lined up to crucify them. Why is it that Nintendo is allowed to get away with this, adding something to their system that 100% should have been included in the original, launch console? Motion controls are the entire backbone of this system, and to include an inferior controller knowing you can get consumers to buy the "real" one years later is an absolute joke. If the technology wasn't ready at that time, or was too pricey, too damned bad, raise the price of the Wii or push the date back. I know Motion Plus has been announced a while back, but this has always bugged me and I felt an early morning rant was in order.

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Sorry mate, you were owned

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Dual Shock.
Expansion pack.
SuperFX chip.
The first iteration of PSX disc drives.
The first iteration of Xbox controller.
The first iteration of the GBA without backlight.
iPhone 3G.

Or imagine, Microsoft releasing a console that would break after 2 years in 80% of cases just to get an early release date. UNIMAGINABLE.

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PercyChuggs said:
If Microsoft shipped the 360, or Sony the PS3, with huge dead zones in their analog sticks, and then released ... [more]

Where did they ever state the Wii had 1:1 control?. Do try to show me any evidence of them doing so.   You say should, while they never said the console would when it launched. The current controller fulfilled their primary console aims, 1:1 controls were not part of them prior to launch.

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Meowayne said:
Dual Shock.Expansion pack.SuperFX chip.The first iteration of PSX disc drives.The first iteration of Xbox controller.The first iteration of the GBA ... [more]
Where do people come up with these numbers?
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It's not even a discussion, Linkyshinks. Faulty or downscaled hardware is sold all the time by everyone, including Sony and Microsoft, to keep release dates early and costs down. Nintendo admitted that the technology used in M+ is what they wanted from the beginning, but decided to take out because of the costs. They openly stated that the reason for releasing M+ now is that manufacturing costs have reached acceptable levels.

The reason I let them get away with it is that
A) I have had a lot of fun with the console in the last two years (especially in the last six months) despite the lack of what I imagined the motion control would be like (although there are several games that are brilliant because of gestures)
B) Releasing a cheap add-on to increase awesomeness two years into a consoles life span, for me, is much better and much less debatable than, for example, the RROD issue, the unbelievable launch prices of the PSX and PS2 despite cheap, unreliable hardware in these models, or the awkward first models of the GBA or DS.

It's not like we have to buy a new console. Two years in, a new wave of games come equipped with a little better technology available, which is both cheap AND comes bundled with a lot of games. This happened on the SNES (SFX chip) and on the N64 (expansion pack) as well.

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The same reason why Microsoft gets away with their faulty hardware: people just buy it anyway.

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I know, I simply choose not to cover that in a long laborious reply. The controller would have cost more inflating the consoles price even more. That would have never have helped to expand to a new audience.

It should also have come with a substantial hard-drive, that's my only issue with the Wii. Miyamoto himself feels that way. It was a bad  mistake not to, a wrong decison was made against it.

M+ should come bundled with new machines though, I and I expect it will do soon.

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Meowayne said:
Dual Shock.Expansion pack.SuperFX chip.The first iteration of PSX disc drives.The first iteration of Xbox controller.The first iteration of the GBA ... [more]
99% of people who post percentages really have no idea what the hell they are talking about :p
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80% eh?

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It's because they're Nintendo...it's really just that simple.

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Deadzones? Sony released a controller without ANY analog sticks, then had people upgrade to the first Dual Shock later down the line. Most games were compatible with the stick-less controller, but there were some only playable with the Dual Shock, like Ape Escape. How's the Motion Plus any different to that situation, other than the possibility of a few more games requiring it (that's a good thing)? That hardly put a stop to the PlayStation's success, now you say Nintendo "gets away with it" though? With what? Sane business decisions? Lol.

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@PercyChuggs:  I would like to believe that Nintendo didn't plan all this in advance just to screw the customers. So uh, assuming they aren't evil bastards, I think its an OK thing to advance on the current capabilities of their hardware. Its not like it's being forced upon customers, as far as I know it's an optional game control mode in the majority of games supporting it. Sure there's gonna be a few games that require it, but it's really no big deal.
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thedj93 said:
80% eh?
Yeah it's probably more like 85-90%
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It's not the true controller. The Wiimote is.

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Plus this is the first Motion sensing console (kind of hope it's the last too...)

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They get away with it because no matter how they run the company, no matter how much crap they put out on the market, millions of people still see fit to take the entire monetary contents of their wallets and mail it care of Nintendo Japan.

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Lowbrow said:
They get away with it because no matter how they run the company, no matter how much crap they put ... [more]
Totally, cos, you know, all their consoles are massive success stories like the Wii, and the GameCube and the N64...

Oh, wait... That's just random bullshit... Carry on.
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eh.. What?

The Wii is a massive success, that was my point. If what they are doing now, releasing sub-par software for the most part (I mean, they do have some good games), and releasing extensions to already existing peripherals that will be required to play some of  their future games, is making them money hand over fist, which Nintendo is right now, then why would they change what they're doing?

They're allowed to get away with what the OP was talking about because people are still paying for it.

If your current business practices are raking in profits, there is no need to fix them.
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If that was your point, you conveyed it poorly. You were acting like people buy anything Nintendo no matter what, when the last two full console generations in which they failed to capture a large market share in the home console market show the complete opposite. So, if the Wii works this time, it's because they did something right, not because people buy anything Nintendo releases. They're not "getting away" with anything because that implies they're doing something wrong, when they're clearly doing something so very right. If Motion Plus becomes a success, then the same applies to that.

And a reminder: The technology was not available at the time the Wii was released, and Sony did the same with the original and incredibly successful PlayStation and its Dual Shock controller. Were you people complaining at the time, or were you drooling over Sony's new toy?

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I agree with @Meowayne here.

The double-standards and blind-hypocrisy from both gamers and the PRESS has been astonishing this generation.

Oh and please don't try to rebute his genuinely agreeable post because he exaggerated figures -- the XBOX 360 has a failure rate of around 30% according to my store reports. That's 27% higher than competing products on the market, and genuinely higher than any other consumer electronic. But this post isn't even about the 360 -- it's about how Nintendo released a competent product (and it's subjective whether you agree) and are now improving it via a peripheral.

There's nothing for them to "get away with". It's been happening since the beginning of time.

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Didn't Microsft get away with the red ring of death? And Sony with like 5 iterations of the ps3?

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