E3 2011: Motion Sports Adrenaline

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Yippie... Kind of want to play Pilotwings now.  Only the SNES version.  And ESPN Extreme Games for PS1.

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That's not true, i saw that awful Tomb Raider movie. I am so prepared!

#4 Posted by MjHealy (1888 posts) -

Just in case you missed the blockbuster original, here comes MotionSports...2!

Now with more battitude.

#5 Posted by skyline7284 (509 posts) -

So this is a thing huh? Fuck.

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I enjoy some stupid gaming once in a while :).

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eh... hm.... Right, well.... No, no thanks. 

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Dudes/dudettes, why are you so down on this? I mean, it has XTRM SKIING! XTRM!!!! 
..so basically, my point is, it is even dumber than you may have thought. Animations look okay though.

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I'm excited for this.
Or more specifically, I'm excited for the Quick Look for this. Playing it myself, not so much!

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Oh my god I LOVE XTRM Skiing!

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Whyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy x_x

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Oh please! Alright, let me reintroduce you two... rider meet horse, horse meet rider.

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nice looks like a Playstation 1 launch title

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Graphics doesn't make your shitty sports game any more appealing.

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Mama's chocolate pie better have improved.

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Wonder if it will have the same announcer from the first one, funny if they just put those tracks in this game without changing it, adding to the overall game experience (where announcer is talking about horse racing while you are skiing) probably for the better.

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I only clicked on this because I read it as 'Motor Storm' for some reason. I regret making that mistake.

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Bike meet tracks. Tracks meet bike.

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Horse Parkour!

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@PKHilson said:


According to this you meant XTREME!!

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This game needs a horse and then Ryan needs to play it.

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