if buy uk version, can we buy dlc for usa?

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i got usa ps3 in usa. if i buy uk version of motorstorm apocalypse will i be able to buy dlc from usa ps store? and play with usa players? im in usa.

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No you wont, it's to do with the product code, you'll still be able to play online with people from the usa but you will not be able to get DLC (unless you use the UK store)

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You would have to get your DLC from a UK account.

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smokin shiet! i almost buy it! dammmmm must use uk account to buy dlc....... dammm dammmmm

well glad i ask the internet first. high five!

and how good is the dlc anyway? and do you need to pay for online pass to play online if buy used?

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I had a US Warhawk and my DLC was Uk and didnt work. Had to buy a UK Warhawk. So i think no.

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