MotorStorm: Arctic Edge PSP Trailer

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A trailer has been released for the graphically impressive PSP version.

MotorStorm: Arctic Edge PSP


Cannot remove second random video:)
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AHh, I'm uber excited for MotorStorm on the PSP! :D Its awesome they keep mixing up the locals with each game too.

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While I would be extremely impressed if that was in-game, I'm more interested in the features that will be in the game. I just hope they aren't touting that as in-game, or promising it will become that within time. I just want some raw footage, and some details in the coming months.

#4 Posted by hush404 (795 posts) -

Ha, some of that looks like it could be in game while other parts look very CG ish :P

#5 Posted by Bucketdeth (8232 posts) -

MotorStorm looks awesome, I`m not really sure what to think about LBP, looks fan made in a bad way.

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