filiwian's MotorStorm (PlayStation 3) review

Not very immersive but just enough to keep you playing.

One of the first games to come out for the ps3 truly shows what it's capabilities with it's graphics and physics. Motorstorm includes vehicles of all types that ranges from atvs to mud pluggers and includes various amounts of vehicles to unlock along with new tickets that gain you access to new races. Game gets a little repetetive when you find yourself playing the same tracks over and over again but are rewarding in the end. The terrain is a little tricky to maneuver through but it all depends on the vehicle you're driving. Each vehicle can go through certain parts of the map with ease while others can't giving you an advantage in specific areas. The vehicles are equiped with boosts which are very satisfying when you need it most, the only consequence is that if you overheat it by using it over an extended period of time then you result in your vehicle getting blown up. Each vehicle also has different customizations and it's driver but it's pretty much limited to that point. The game has an interesting soundtrack to offer like Woman from Wolfmother and many more. It includes online capabilities so you can play with your friends and other people. If you're looking for an excuse to get a racing game then this would be a chance to get Motorstorm. 

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