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Motorville (Hotroit in Japan) is a small American town. It is home to Oliver and his friend Philip. Every person in Motorville has a soul mate in the other world.


Oliver is the protagonist of the story. After his mother dies, he joins Drippy on a quest to stop Shadar in the other world and save his mother.

Allie is Oliver's mother. After saving Oliver from drowning she has a heart attack and dies. Drippy believes that she can be saved in the other world by recovering the Great Sage Alicia's soul.

Philip is Oliver's best friend. He loves building cars, but he loses his ambition after one of his cars indirectly causes Allie to die.

Leila runs Leila's Milk Bar, a shop in town. Her soul mate is the Cowlipha of Al Mamoon.

Myrtle is a girl who refuses to come out of her house. Because she's only ever seen looking out her window, people call her "Starey Mary". After Oliver fixes her broken heart, she begins working at Leila's Milk Bar. Her soul mate is Esther.

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