I want to play M&B with the GB community

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That is, if there is a large enough GB player base for this game. I don't care if it's Fire and Sword or whatever, I just got F&S but I can also get Warband if needed, and mods associated with that.

Is there a GB server? Should we make one? Or maybe just create a steamgroup for it? How many of us have the game? Hopefully we could get Dave and other crew to play as well? 

Ideas welcome
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I usually don't play much of the multiplayer because this game with a pinbg over 150 is unplayable, and unfortunately there are no servers nearby, but if there' s a GB server I'll definitely join.

I have both Warband and F&S.

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My steam ID is metalideth, add me. 

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I've seen someone bouncing around on the multiplayer servers with the name of Mordecai, but I don't know if it's actually Dave.

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