Amazing Samurai Mod for Mount and Blade: Warband

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I was again sulking last night, wishing there was a great (or even mediocre/good) Samurai game for PC (or even PS3 besides Way of the Samurai 3) that was released in the past four or five years.  Then, all of a sudden I thought:  "MOUNT AND BLADE MODS!" and immediately headed over to google.  After thirty minutes of searching and a slow two hour download I got the Shogun:  Sengoku Jidai mod installed, and damn if it isn't amazing!
It's like an entire new game, everything has been changed up.  Don't seem to be any multiplayer servers, but I don't really care as I usually do single player campaign or custom battles. 
Anyways, here is the link to it for anyone craving a good Samurai game like myself:

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I usually avoid mods too early in development like this one, also I think that's it's pretty much made by only one guy with a dozen of people helping here and there.
The thing is that whenever a update comes your save usually becomes useless and you have to start a new game, a inherent problem with the mount & blade modding system itself I'm afraid.
is it too buggy or fairly playable? another issue with M&B mods is that most severe bugs usually show up quite late in a game when you've already put a lot of time in it.
edit: oh I wouldn't be able to play it right now anyway, I'm still running warband version 1.134 because of a prophecy of pendor save I refuse to give up, the only one where I successfully started my own kingdom without  getting raped 5 minutes after taking the first castle, but I'll definitely check it out latter.

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I haven't experienced any bugs yet, but I've mostly been playing custom battles.  Probably played it around two and a half hours so far.  The dialogue that is written is full of grammatical errors and bad writing, but other than that is seems quite solid.  I'm also running 1.134 and it works totally fine so far.  Being able to have massive Samurai battles in custom battles is plenty for me, honestly.  There is just a wasteland where Samurai games on PC should be.

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