Any must-have mods?

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Finally caved last night and picked up Warband. I really dug the first game and really just couldn't resist the multiplayer aspect.  
Having a blast online and, yeah, just enjoying the myriad tweaks and updates to the first game. 
I know there's a pretty expansive mod community attached to Mount & Blade, but I'm kind of at a loss as to where to start. Anyone up four a rough "tip of the iceberg" list of mods?

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Hamz and myself
Oh wait...

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None for Warband yet, the module system isn't out, and M&B mods aren't compatible with it.

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Not much out for warband yet, but definetely get the warband battle sizer if your computer can handle it.
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@Bobdaman18: what he said. Pumped my battle limit from 150 to 700, chugged a bit so I scaled it down to 500 and it runs smooth and really makes battles more intense.
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@MuttersomeTaxicab: I think i could kidnap citizenkane for you, he is my favorite.
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@CitizenKane said:
" Hamz and myself  Oh wait... "
I came to this thread just to see if anyone made a joke a long those lines.
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Kane, you beat me too it, damn you,

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The mod 1257AD is pretty cool when it works. But right now it's marred with slowdown and crashes and the dude who runs it wants to blame everybody but himself and refuses to fix anything.

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